Dior 5 colours matte eyeshadow

Hi guys, I wanted to talk about one of my most loved beauty brands.

Dior are launching their new eyeshadow collection this summer. Not that I need a new eyeshadow palette but when you see that gleaming new packaging and gorgeous new collection you forget about all your other eyeshadows and convince yourself this will be your all time go to palette.

So moving on to this new Collection

strip 2

Dior have revived some of their classic discontinued palettes and added some beautiful new matte nudes. The new 5 colours collection is breathtaking and when you see all the new palettes you will convince yourself you need them all.

For my choice from the collection, I picked up the matte touch 537 palette. It’s perfect for that no look makeup look we all love.

Dior changed the packaging design from having the applicators at either side of the palette to having them on the right side. This definitely makes it easier to hold them both in place, you know what it’s like, you hold your palette in one hand with your thumb over the applicator then when you move your arm the one on the other side falls out.

Without going into technical detail the shadows are really pigmented, despite being lighter shades they apply beautifully with either brush or finger.

Dior don’t name their individual shades unless its their travel palettes usually found in airport beauty departments so I’ll talk through these from left to right with my own colour descriptions.

2 in 1

No.1 is chocolate brown.

No.2 is light tan.

No.3 is pale pinky mauve.

No.4 is blush.

No.5 is light cream (highlight)

All these shades will work well on all skin tones from the lightest like mine to the darkest beauties.

The shadow is buttery and feels light and creamy. All the shades apply well with very little fall out when applied with a brush. They blend nicely with little effort and feel soft on your eyelid. If you’re looking for a stronger matte look it’s best to apply a couple of layers to get the desired effect.

The shelf life of this shadow is 6 months, in a way this is good as it means less preservatives. On the other hand if you’re like me finishing a palette in 6 months doesn’t often happen and I haven’t noticed any deterioration in quality over this time. 

For now I’ll leave you with these pictures and I hope this helps you to decide if this is the right palette for you or if it’s not what your looking for.

This launches on Wednesday 3rd May 2017


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