Montrose Rope and Sail yellow shopper


Montrose bag company

Rarely do I get excited about a shopper bag. Rarely would I post about a shopper bag but this new design from Montrose rope and sail company has got me all excited.

So at first I thought this bag would just do for going to the supermarket or nipping out to the local shop. But it’s been everywhere with me even into town. On a picnic and a weekend away.


So why do I love this bag so much? Well the colour is just the start it brightens up my day. It’s waterproof and very sturdy, definitely a bag for life that I’m sure won’t wear or tear easily.
This gorgeous soft, versatile, durable, waterproof spring carry will never go out of style it’s timeless and ageless for anyone young or old. It features a deep inside pocket with key chain  clip to keep your keys or purse safe. The straps are sturdy and built to last. Use the shoulder straps for hands free or drape it over your arm and it will still look fantastic. The thick cord straps make it easy to carry without hurting your hands. Or feeling uncomfortable.

This bag will also be great at the beach going swimming, camping or even on flight. One thing for sure with this gorgeous bright yellow colour is I won’t lose it or forget it.

If bright colours aren’t your thing this bag comes in a few different colours and I believe they have even made a beautiful bespoke cloth bag that you can see on their Instagram page
A great choice for bringing a splash of colour to your outfit.

So who are Montrose rope and sail.
They are a Scottish family run company who have been making high spec kit bags & luggage. Founded in 1789 they began making ropes and bags for fishermen that could withstand the harsh conditions of the North Sea. Like many designer brands they started out making traditional items to suit a particular purpose like Hermes started in horse bridal. They have kept the traditional craftsmanship and quality and are now slowly expanding their lines.
I can honestly say I see a big future for Montrose bag company they have definitely designed a great shopper thats light versatile and most of all perfect for Scottish weather be it rain or shine.



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