Why I haven’t been blogging

Hi guys. So it’s been ages since I blogged. I have no excuse other than motivation or rather lack of it.

I guess I felt a little disheartened after I had written and posted my first two blogs.

I felt I hadent written good content or reviewed the products very well so I just stopped.

I even stoped posting and promoting my blog on Instagram. I guess I felt a little embarrassed about talking about a blog I really wasn’t happy with. So I took a step back to think about what I’d blog about next, and before I knew it I was planning my holiday that rolled into packing and before I knew it I was on my vacation.

Its been four weeks since I returned home to a rather large pile of post mostly bills junk mail but best of all some beauty products to test and review. Straight away I ripped open my packages took some photos and posted mini reviews on my Instagram, and that was it. Yet still at the back of my mind I wanted to write on my blog shout out about what I loved and hated about  products I was posting on my  Instagram  call it fear call it lack of confidence I felt both but also understanding what to do how to add tags how to add links it was all a bit confusing and time consuming. I’ll be honest and say I’m not the brightest person when it comes to writing or working computers so I kept that blind eye away from my blog.

So what brings me back to tell this tale? Well after chatting to one of my Instagram beauties Amanda she asked me why I hadn’t written on my blog for so long. I really had no answer no excuse either. So I came clean explained that I felt I wasn’t good at reviews, there wasn’t any point. Nonsense she told me and before I knew it after a long conversation she had convinced me and given me the confidence to return to my blog.

So here I am writing more nonsense, but it’s a start and I hope to upload my next review before the end of the week…………



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