My vitamin D and Iron deficiency

For months I had zero energy everything I did was an effort I felt so lethargic unmotivated and fed up.
I’ve always been a hyper energetic person always jumping and running around with bags of energy to spare.
But over the last year I just felt weak my hair was falling out my nails were brittle my skin very dry. At the age of 44 I put it down to age and this was how it was going to be. After all everyone would always say your no spring chicken anymore your body changes and so does your energy when you get older.

I felt it was more than age it just wasn’t right to feel so tired all the time.
So a trip to the Dr in January this year led to some blood tests. A few days later I get a call from the surgery to say my iron level was 11 and my vitamin D was 9 which is extremely low. I had to come down asap and collect a prescription.


8 months in and I’m still taking supplements I take vitamin C with my iron (ferrous fumarate) and calcium with my vitamin D neither calcium or vitamin C was prescribed but I take them as they help your body absorb the nutrients.
I still get bouts of exhaustion but nothing like I did before it’s only now I can feel my energy levels creeping back in and my skin improving. my hair has even stopped shedding like it previously was.
So if you are feeling exhausted and just can’t think why pop to your GP for some blood tests you will be amazed at the amount of people who are vitamin D deficient especially in the northern hemisphere. This is all down to lack of sunshine and and most of all diet. Also Some people just don’t seem to absorb nutrients like others and that can be factors such as poor diet or poor gut health.
This is just my story on how it’s affected me. Please share with me your stories, if this has affected you I would love to chat.
If you would like more information on vitamin D or iron Deficiency please google. There is allot of information on symptoms and solutions.

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