Finding Foundations Branded or Drug store

Its never easy finding the right foundation, what works one day may not the next. The seasons change our skin tone changes, we get ill, take medication and the cycle continues. So what is the right foundation? I personally don’t have the answer but here are a few of my love hate favourites and not so favourite foundation from luxury to drugstore.


So let’s start with the cheapest to the more expensive.

Olivia Hale, LaGirl and Revlon

Olivia hale £1 from Home Bargains there isn’t much to say about this foundation. It’s a very lightweight foundation and comes out as a thick cream leaving the skin feeling a little tacky, it doesn’t give much coverage, in fact it’s almost transparent. I do love the packaging, the sleek black squeezy tube makes it perfect for dispensing the right amount and is super light weight to carry around.

La Girl foundation in Pro coverage retails at around £11. This is one of my favourite lightweight yet full coverage foundations and worth every penny. I’d compare this to the Mac studio fix, only slightly lighter in consistency. One layer is all you need with with this foundation. It says on the website it gives you flawless coverage but with any foundation this is only really true if you have flawless skin.

Revlon Photoready airbrush effect foundation retails at around £13. This one is on par with the La Girl between the two of them I’d say each is as good as the other. The Revlon is ever so slightly thicker but the end results are the same, a perfect full coverage effect that leaves your skin feeling soft without feeling dry or greasy. Revlon describes this as a photoready flawless look.

Kiko Milano, Lola and KatVon D


Lola Picture perfect foundation I absolutely love this foundation out of all the products I’m reviewing on this blog this is my favourite in so many ways. Firstly it does everything it says on the box, it only retails at £19.95 and the quality is just as good as a high end foundation. Ok so it’s a little more expensive than the drug store products and gives the same full coverage effect. The difference is the quality is much better, less product goes further and it has a beautiful silky texture. It leaves your skin feeling very smooth and silky.  I’d definitely recommend this for anyone with oily skin. I have normal skin a little dehydrated with some rosacea and it covers this well. It will suit all skin types but I think if you have oily skin you might feel this helps a lot to reduce shine.

Kat Von D Lock it Retails at £27. This foundation is very thick, very heavy and a little tougher to work with. It’s not a slap on and run out the door foundation. It takes a little work to apply this. I find the best way is to use a damp beauty sponge to apply this. It’s definitely long wearing and covers pigmentation. I do find that I feel like I’m wearing foundation with this and it makes my skin feel a little heavy and very dewy.

Kiko Milano Creamy matte foundation Retails at £19.90. It’s from the Kiko Blue fall collection. This is supposed to be a silky medium to full coverage foundation. Now unless I’ve been duped and something else is in this pot then I can’t say it’s anything like how Kiko describe it on their website. It has a creamy texture but when it’s applied to the skin it disappears like a light moisturiser with a very slight tint. It doesn’t cover anything not even a little freckle. I’ll say no more on this one as I haven’t anything nice to say other than the packaging is beautiful.

Givenchy, Guerlaine and Dior

Givenchy Teint Couture retails for around £35. This is a beautiful lightweight long wearing foundation it has a very slight perfume scent to it, it’s not off putting as it’s a very delicate scent. Its applies effortlessly with either a brush or beauty sponge, it’s a very comfortable silky Foundation that helps hide blemishes and slightly reduces fine lines. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a high end foundation.

Dior Forever foundation retails for around £35. For years this was my one and only go to foundation. It ticks all the boxes and I’ll always have this foundation in my collection. If all else fails with makeup this is one of the best go to foundations. This fluid foundation will last all day, it’s a luminous matte finish. This is a pore refining foundation and is designed to improve the appearance of pores. It’s a very lightweight texture  but still gives a beautiful soft look to your skin.

Guerlain Lingerie De Peau retails for around £38.50. The most expensive on this blog. It gives a full to medium coverage, it has some shape stretching technology that gives it its beautiful smooth silky coverage. I won’t go into the details. What I will say is it works! It applies effortlessly and leaves your skin feeling soft with a healthy glow. Out of all the foundation I’ve reviewed this is definitely one of the most luxurious.

So all in there are a few products to either love or hate. My skin is normal but sometimes gets dehydrated and occasionally I do get a little oily on my Tzone depending on my hormones.  These opinions are my own. There may be some products here you love or hate, agree or disagree I’d love to know your thoughts.

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