Little known Box

After seeing this Little Known Box of treats on Instagram and all the beautiful products that came with it. I had to try it out for myself,  For 2 reasons first being I love surprises especially when it comes to makeup and beauty secondly I love trying new products. The box retails at £15:95

So let’s start with the beautiful packaging. The box comes beautifully packed it’s like opening a luxury gift, and the anticipation of waiting to see what’s inside will get you a little excited

First I want to talk about the first thing that hit me when I opened the box. The beautiful smell that came from the Friendly lemon grass & hemp soap made from essential oils and natural ingredients.
This is a beautiful fresh hand made soap that produces a non greasy laver that leaves a beautiful fresh scent on your skin. I absolutely love this soap from it’s fresh scent to it soft laver.

Maison Meunier

Radiance coffee Face and body scrub
This is the first time I’ve tried a coffee scrub. I liked this product and
I definitely noticed a difference in my skin texture after use. I did only used this on my legs and feet. Even though its suitable for your face I just didint feel it was something I wanted to use on my face . It definitely made my skin feel soft and nourished. My only criticism is the smell I couldn’t pick out any of the grapefruit essence also  it doesn’t smell of coffee but I’m not sure if these coffee scrubs are meant to.
Organic fair-trade coffee, organic Almond oil, Virgin Coconut oil, brown sugar, Epsom salts and vitamin E combine to help detoxify and nourish the skin. Pure Grapefruit essential .

Cougar Eyeshadow


At first look I thought it was a highlighter rather than an eye contour product. The shades are perfect for all skin tones. You could easily use this as a highlight product. It’s a nice quality product and the outer box was probably more exciting than the inner package.
The inner package feels like a cheap drugstore product so I’ve no idea why there is a need for an outer box for this.

Saturated colour cosmetics
Vinyl Liquid Lipstick

First your hit with a strong sweet smell that reminds me of red cola cubes. I really didint like the application of this lip product it dragged and was very difficult to apply. It was also very sticky and I just couldn’t get it to sit on my lips well.

Finally the Odylique Lipliner

My favourite product in the box I loved this liner it applied beautiful without drag and a good shade to blend with just about any lipstick. I’ve been using it to fill my lips then gloss over with a lip balm. This is hands up the perfect lip shade to give your lips that little extra kick. I would love this shade in a lipstick.


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