Fenty Beauty Foundation Review

Hi guys, sorry it’s a bit late but eventually I managed to sit down and take time out to write a quick review for you on the new Rihanna, Fenty Long Wear Soft Matt Foundation.


I ordered mine from Harvey Nichols  online for £26. The online shade guide for this foundation is fantastic. The layout and guides make it easy to pick the best shade for your skin tone. I managed to pick the right shade and that’s a very rare thing for me when choosing a new foundation online.
My shade is 150, I like a more warm tone foundation so when I received this I thought ok, it’s a good match to my skin but I would have preferred a warmer shade. That said, once the product dried down on my skin it did settle with a warmer tone.
At first I was hesitant about purchasing this foundation as it seemed very much geared towards oily skin. My skin is normal with a few dry patches at the sides of my nose, my forehead and chin area. The foundation applies nicely but I recommend about 1-2 pumps for an even full coverage, any more and it just spreads around the face looking a bit streaky. The foundation dries into the skin quickly, leaving a lovely soft matt feel to the skin without the need for powder. I did feel it tightening a little at the sides of my nose area when applied without any base or moisturiser.


I’ve been using this foundation for over a week now and played about with different applications. I find either a brush with a flat head or a beauty sponge gives a nice application and applying a good moisturiser to dry areas will help with the finished look and feel of this foundation.
All in all, I absolutely love this foundation it covers like Estee Lauder Double Wear yet feels much lighter, and you’re not left with the feeling of being caked. And finally I can say that it actually does last the 12 hours as indicated on the box and I found that it was still going strong right up to the end of the day.

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