Shopping at Primark

Let’s get straight to the point, everyone loves Primark, you can’t hide it or deny it.

We all have an open or secret crush on shopping here.

I don’t think there has ever been a time I’ve been in one of the stores and left with nothing, in fact for me it’s usually with a bag full of stuff I never knew I needed (or wanted is maybe a better word).

Another big improvement I’ve found with Primark is the fantastic customer service I receive every time I go into the store. Ok, so the staff are always packing shelves running about or serving on tills. But if you just stop and ask for help they will go out of their way to help you. As a personal shopper I’m always being asked to shop at Primark for various things, most of the time with the help of the staff I manage to find everything I’m looking for. My favourite store to shop at is Braehead Glasgow purely because of the amazing consistent service from all of the staff and the store being so well laid out making it an easier place to find what your looking for. The Braehead branch have an amazing Instagram  page they are always updating with new stock and updates on when desirable products are back in stock. The girl who runs the Instagram page is amazing, she always takes the time out to reply to your messages, it’s the kind of extra service every store should follow suit on, especially as Primark don’t have an online shopping store.
So if you’ve never shopped at Primark, pop in theres nothing to hold you back. And if you’re in or close by Glasgow, Braehead is one of the better stores with the added bonus of free parking.

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