YouTube Makeup v’s Instagram

Hi guys, so recently I’ve found myself shopping less for new makeup. I was the girl constantly purchasing the latest YouTube guru’s products of desire from the latest lipstick, gloss, foundation, eyeshadow and blushes.

To say I’d spend a couple of hundred pounds a month on makeup was reality. Now I’ve learned that all that glitters on your favourite YouTube makeup video isn’t always gold.

More often than not I was disappointed with just about everything that I purchased based on what my favourite YouTuber was using and raving about.

I ended up with drawers full of products that look good but just don’t live up to the hype.

Now I’ve learned that the best advice I get is from the blogging and beauty community is from Instagram  Not everyone on there is selling or promoting a brand for money or hype.

Through bloggers on Instagram I’ve found honesty and most importantly a real love for makeup and skincare, there are thousands of wonderful people to connect to who will give you their  honest tried and tested opinions on makeup and skincare.

So the moral of this blog is take your time do your research and go with what works for you.

Shop around, ask for samples, all good beauty departments are happy to let you sample products before you buy.

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