ImPress Press On Manicure Nails From Kiss Nails



If you are like me and have an ongoing issue with getting the perfect looking nails without having semi permanent false nails from the salon put on, then finding the right press on false nails is a must.

I try to keep my own nails healthy but sometimes no matter how many times I paint them they never really look great unless I go to the salon for a manicure and only then they will look fabulous. The problem with going to the salon is that it can be hard to just get a walk in appointment and usually when I have time and book ahead the appointment times I’m looking for are rarely available.


This is why I like to keep a supply of Kiss false nails in my vanity. No longer are press on nails boring or difficult to apply. They are fun playful glossy and instant with no fussy glue or time to wait on them setting. Kiss press on nails are the easiest and most convenient way to give your nails a makeover. Easy and quick to apply and best of all they have a great variety of designs available to suit any occasion and any mood. I love how glossy these red and black dotty ones are they retail at £7.99 but boots and Superdrug always have special offers on for 3 for 2 across beauty and accessories throughout the year.

Available from Superdrug  and Boots

A quick guide on how to apply.

Follow link for step by step instructions for Impress Press On Manicure

Images from Kiss





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