ERDEM X H&M Collection. My First Fashion Blog

I’m not one for going crazy at the shops or queuing up for limited edition lines but I turned up to work on my day off by mistake. I was there for half an hour when one of my colleagues said I was meant to be off today! By this time it was 9am so I had two options go home or go shopping. Naturally, I chose shopping! And even better this was launch day for the ErdemxHM collection.  Luckily there wasn’t much of a queue in the Glasgow H&M store and I only had to wait 10 mins.

I’m very happy with my choices from the collection, the beautiful fabric and romantic floral prints are timeless and breathtaking. A great deal of detail and love has gone into this collection which is obvious from how it feels, flows and falls.

I picked the Black Floral long sleeve dress, White Floral T-Shirt earrings and brooch.

I teamed up the T-shirt with the beautiful jewelled brooch and this cobalt blue cardigan from Primark. Annoyingly, I’ve not been able to wear the brooch as when I took it out the box the back pin was broken off it. Really annoying as I just can’t seem to fix it.


My favourite piece is the dress, I love all the frill details on the shoulder, back and front.


The beautiful bow earrings are clip ons, something I’ve not seen for a long time. I love the diamond and pearl drop on these, they are a little heavy wearing and so far I’ve not been able to keep them on for any more than a few hours but that’s maybe just me.


The staff on the day at H&M Glasgow couldn’t have been more helpful, there was a great buzz in the air and every customer was having a great time thanks to all the staff who were running around handing out cake pops and genuinely making everyone feel welcome.

Overall, a lovely collection and a great shopping experience. Well done H&M!




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