Kiss Coture Faux Mink Lashes

I’m not the girl who wears false lashes for two reasons 1. time and 2. I can never get one of my eyes looking good. I know practice makes perfect but sometimes life just doesn’t give you time to experiment with false lashes.

So when I was sent these Kiss Lashes  to review I thought ok let’s just see if I can make these work.  The lashes are attached to a thick band making them feel sturdy but still soft and flexible, I had to trim the sides of both lashes to fit I then applied the black coloured Kiss Lash adhesive and let them sit for a minute before applying. As usual for me, my left eye was easy and I got it to sit perfectly first time, my right eye is always a struggle but I managed to get them to sit perfectly without any drama.


These Midnight Lashes are thick and long enough to add intensity to you eyes, without looking over the top. I wore mine with a nude eyeshadow and black gel liner to give some depth to my eye lid.

The Kiss adhesive was great, it comes with a sturdy application wand rather than a plastic tip or in a squeezy tube. Great for applying directly onto the lash band without making a sticky mess.


For me these lashes are a winner wether you’re a pro or not at applying lashes, I think this couture range is a great product from the ease of use to the look.

Despite trying hard to find fault, I literally cannot fault these lashes.

Great work Kiss!!

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