Secret Santa Ideas

It’s that time of year again when someone at work announces that it’s secret Santa time. Everyone’s name goes in an old sweetie tin being passed around your work. Of course the rules are not to tell anyone. But what do you choose for someone you really only know as a work colleague? Here are a few ideas for under £10.

  1. It might seem lazy or boring but a gift voucher for somewhere like Starbucks or Primark is a really good idea, we all know that most of our secret Santa presents either end up recycled stuck in the back of a cupboard or donated to charity, so this is why a voucher for a coffee or a retailer is actually a very good gift idea.


2. Candles are also a great gift for anyone male of female. These ones are the floral collection from Marks & Spencers for £9.50 (also avalible on 3 for 2)


3. For some women buying for a man can be a nightmare. If your secret Santa turns out to be male, you cant really go wrong with some travel sized shower gel and body sprays from Boots. This Ted Baker selection comes as a pack and is only £6.67image2

4. For a lady you could try this pretty necklace for only £4 from Primark. It’s the perfect party piece and will brighten up any outfit.ss5

5. The The Body Shop have some great gifts for everyone, not only are they great for secret Santa but also make great stocking fillers. This lovely Coconut hand cream and lip balm make a great handbag sized gift for £9.50image1

6. Lip gloss trio, sometimes a nice Christmassy boxed gift is a treat and this set of 3 lip glosses from Marks and Spencer comes in at £8.50


7. Another one for the boys (but i think girls will have lots of fun with this pin ball game too) again from Marks and Spencer’s and comes in at only £8image1

8. And finally a little sprits of room spray from the Primark Private collection comes in at only £6 and is a great dupe for Jo Malone.image1

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