New Impulse body Mist

I remember when Impulse first launched in the 80’s with their signature scent Musk. If you weren’t wearing a perfumed oil from the body shop you most certainly had a can of  Musk from

Over the years Impulse released more scents in addition to their original range, but as those years went on trends changed and the kids of the 80’s and 90’s grew up moving on to different brands.

Come 2017 and impulse have come back with some gorgeous new scents with mouthwatering eye catching packaging, You cant help but reach for this off the shelf.

My favourite one is the Burnt Marshmallow + Leather Jacket , I absolutely love the name of this, some how the name makes me think of that scene from the Lost Boys movie where they are down by the beach hanging around the camp fire. For me this one smells more like a Pina Colada, Ive been spraying it everywhere, on my hair, on my clothes, in my room and of course on my body. I just cant get enough of this refreshing light scent with subtle hints of musk without smelling heavy, wintery or masculine.

Tropical Beach + Espresso , Close your eyes and picture yourself on a tropical island, a gentle breeze in the air and only the sound of the gentle waves coming on to the shore. Its the only way I can sum this up. Soft notes of coconut oil and espresso, how this combo works I’ve no idea but it just does.

Impulse have kindly sent these two lines for me to trial. Im really impressed with the new range and wont hesitate to pop into Superdrug to try some more!

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