Dermalogica Skin Care

Precleanse Balm I loved this Pre-cleanse Balm, it is exactly what it says it should be. It comes out as a thick paste but once rubbed onto the skin it transforms to a nice oil that breaks down your make up making it nice and easy to remove. It’s recommended you use this with a mitt but I found a warm damp face cloth worked just as well, it even helped break down my mascara and eyeliner. It is safe to use around your eyes, I had no stinging or irritation.


Special Cleansing Gel  This is step two to be used after the Pre-cleanse Balm but not really necessary. For me however I feel step one is needed if you wear makeup especially mascara. I’ve used this cleanser day and night. I love that it leaves my skin clean without feeling irritated dry or tight. I have normal skin but sometimes it’s a bit sensitive.  This soap free gel will cleanse your skin with a nice refreshing lather without stripping away natural balance. It may be the Calming Mint and Lavender extracts that help soothe the skin.


Skin Smoothing Cream I love this moisturiser especially at this cold time of year. I’m sure you will agree your skin feels a little drier from the cold weather and all the central heating. This moisturiser absorbs so easily into the skin without feeling tacky making it a great moisturiser to use as a base before makeup. I used about a five pence sized blob to cover my face and neck. MY skin felt soothed nourished and in the morning I still felt id had a good coverage of hydration to my skin.


Daily Superfoliant

This was a bit of a surprise, I wasn’t expecting a little pot of what looks like gunpowder to flow out of the bottle. So after carefully following the instructions all you need to do is shake a little onto wet hands and gently massage onto your face avoiding around the eye area. My skin was left feeling extremely smooth and best of all had a lovely glow without feeling itchy or irritated. It was nice to use an exfoliant that doesn’t strip away the goodness of your skin, that leaves your skin clean refreshed and ready to soak up the skin smoothing cream.


All Products Claim to 

  • Smooth fine lines and promote elasticity.
  • Shield against dehydration and pollution.
  • Contain antioxidants to help fight skin ageing free radicals.

Finally. Its great to find products that give your face the satisfaction it craves after a long day wearing makeup and being exposed to pollutants.

These products were sent to me for FREE from Dermologica via influencer UK for reviewing purposes.

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