Your Good Skin

I wasn’t really after a new skin care product but when I saw this new product in Boots last year on special offer I thought why not give it a go.


Your Good Skin Balancing Skin Concentrate product comes with a 28 day program instruction on what products to use at certain stages and how your skin should be feeling after week 1, 2, 3 etc. I used this for 28 days between October and November last year. That’s a challenge for me as I easily get side tracked by other skin care and samples.

I found the product easy to apply and a wonderful product for the price, No different from using other off the shelf moisturisers from brands like Olay and Nivea. It advises use of a toner around week three but I avoided this as I find toners dry my skin and cause irritation. That said its definitely worth trying this out as when it comes to skin care what works for some doesn’t always for others.


Your Good Skin Soothing Micellar cleanser I absolutely loved this cleanser it lifted all my makeup away including eye makeup, I did need to go over my eye eyes a few times but this is normal if you wear medium to heavy eye makeup but I did find that if I used this after the hot cleanse cleanser I only needed to use a small amount. Definitely every bit as good as the popular Garnier Micellar Water. Ill be buying this again.


Your Good Skin Nourishing Hot Cloth Cleanser Like all hot cloth cleansers it’s the same steps, rub onto skin and remove with the cloth provided. Just run the cloth under hot water and let the heat from the cloth help wipe away the excess. I will say its not the best cleanser I’ve used. I much prefer balm cleansers, I feel they really help remove makeup especially mascara and eyeliner but if you don’t wear makeup or only a gentle amount of makeup then this cleanser is perfect for you.


Your Good Skin Refreshing Face Wash A really lovely face wash, there is nothing overly exciting about this product but it definitely cleans your skin and didn’t make my skin feel dry or tight. I only used this product in the mornings and it’s all I need to refresh my skin before my morning routine.

Disclaimer : I have normal skin sometimes I get dry patches around my nose.

I purchased these products myself (Not A PR Gift)

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