Sleek Makeup Review

I’ve always loved Sleek makeup products since they launched a few years ago. My first purchase was the contour palette, I used that palette back to pan and carried it everywhere with me, but for some reason I just never returned to sleek until about a year ago when I purchased one of their eyeshadow palettes the limited edition whimsical palettes. So many people commented on my eyeshadow making me think one day I’ll write a blog on the brand. Two years later and I’m finally sitting down to write about Sleek and I have to say I’m super excited to share my thoughts with you.

Blush By 3 Palette Pink Lemonade. 2 powders and one cream blush. I am so in love with this palette, the pink shades are absolutely stunning on the skin. My favourite shade is Icing Sugar and I have also been using this as an eyeshadow. It sits so beautifully on the eye. Pink Mint is the other powder blush in the palette and it’s a perfect dupe for the Mac Hushed Tone Extra Dimensions blush. I’ve had no fall out with these powders making it for me one of my favourite sleek products in the range. I’m not a big cream blush fan so it’s hard for me to compare it to anything else. I find its great for using on a no makeup makeup look day as it applies really nicely over a light covering of foundation or tinted moisturiser. It even doubles up nicely as a lip tint. Truly a versatile palette in my eyes.

Solstice Highlighting Palette. I remember when this palette launched a few years ago and just about everyone who knew makeup went crazy for this product, it was sold out everywhere for a very long time and whenever it came back into stock it was gone again. Now that the hype has calmed it’s much easier to get your hands on one even though it is still very much in demand and you can tell why everyone is buying this palette as the pigments are so strong with just a little needed to give you a beautiful glow. The palette has really appealing packaging making it one of those little palettes you want to keep in your bag for a top up and use of the mirror. There are 2 cream highlighters and 2 powder highlighters and it can be used on both your face and body.  The lilac shade I was a bit unsure of at first but when applied it is stunning even on my pale skin. The Golden shade applies very light and is perfect if you’re not looking to be too bold. The cream shades are just stunning, even though I’m not a fan of cream products on my cheeks these ones work great for me if I apply just a little dab to the apples of my cheeks and blend onto my foundation with a beauty sponge before applying powder, this gives a naturally subtle glow. The shades even look great on the inner corners of your eyes, however apply cautiously as this product is not recommended for the eye area. I have very pale skin so the shades are very subtle on my skin but if you have darker skin tone this palette will just pop on you giving you that all year round summer sun kissed glow. Worth the price at £10 and will last you a very long time. Also available in the USA from Wallgreens

 i-Divine A New Day eyeshadow palette.  Warm tone nudes with some matte and shimmer shadows. The best thing about this palette is that it’s great value for your money.  There are many brands out there at the same price point that I feel just don’t share the same quality. The sleek products really do look and feel gorgeous. All said let’s talk about the application of this palette. I find the colours blend nicely and once you have achieved the look you’re going for the shadow does really sit beautifully on your eye, there is a lot of fallout with some of the shades but for a drugstore palette at only £8.99 who cares about fall out. Just be sure to either do your eye makeup first or pop on some loose powder to catch the fallout. If you are just going for a gentle day look then this palette is perfect for you and even better for travelling with as its so light weight it’s perfect for taking overseas.  Right now you can get sleek from Boots on a buy one get one half price deal.


Matte Me Ultra smooth lip cream.  I have a love hate with this lip cream, firstly I love how lovely and evenly it applies, the pigment is so strong and best of all this lip cream lasts hours even after eating and drinking it still looks as good as the moment you applied it. Sadly for me its just too drying on my lips, I added a lipgloss on top to combat this but it does take away the matte look this lipstick is supposed to give. Some of you may find you don’t mind this feeling but it just doesn’t work for me as I like my lips to feel nourished and moist. So its a battle between having a great looking lipstick on our lips with the dryness or just adding some gloss on top that takes away the matte look but still gives you an all day application that looks stunning. £4.99



Lifeproof Foundation Medium to full coverage sweat-proof oil free. There are 24 shades making this one of very few drug store brands to have a broad spectrum of colours to choose from. They range from the fairest to the darkest of skin tones. I would say this is more of a light to medium coverage foundation, for a full coverage look I applied 2 layers. It’s a nice foundation but nothing special, I didn’t love it or hate it. I’ve nothing positive or negative to say about this product as I felt it was just ok. I am keeping it aside for my summer holiday so I can truly test out to see if it is sweat proof. I’m always on the  lookout for a good summer foundation to wear in the evenings when I’m on holiday so I’ll definitely come back and update this review or write a new one during July/August. £8.99



Hydrating Primer Moisturising. Lovely little squeeze tube of light weight primer. I love  that it has a small tip so you can control how much product you need from the tube without over spilling. It’s a soft white nourishing cream that absorbs immediately into your skin leaving a soft veil that doesn’t feel greasy. I’ve tried this with the sleek life proof foundation and a few other foundations and it works well with them all. It’s a thumbs up from me as all the foundations I used with this primer looked good after application. £7.99.


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This review comes from my own trial and testing of the products. I have normal skin sometimes I have dry sensitive skin with dry patches around my nose. My skin tone is very fair with freckles.

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These products were sent to me complimentary.







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