The Balm Liquid Lipstick Meet Matt(e) Hughes

Introducing a truly loyal long lasting liquid lipstick ‘Meet Matte Hughes’. They Come in eight shades, here’s my review of three of them.


First impressions of the Balm  Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks is that they smell divine, like choc mint chip ice cream. If taste is what you’re looking for in a lipstick then these are the ones to go for. Ok so we don’t actually eat our lipsticks but we do like them to feel and smell good on our lips!1Snapseed

The Balm liquid lipsticks go on very smoothly and stay on for most of the day. You can see from the photo above how vibrant the colours are in the sunlight. I’m not the biggest fan of how liquid lipsticks feel on my lips and I always add gloss or a lip balm after application, this will also prevent it from drying out. This is just my personal preference, you would wonder why I bother wearing a liquid lipstick, well for me I prefer a lipstick that lasts either all day or most of the day and with a traditional lipstick you just don’t get the longevity. The shades I’ve been wearing are below


Chivalrous (top) a beautiful bubble gum pink available online from the Balm $17

Reliable (Middle) a light plumb shade, this my favourite. I’ve had so many compliments when wearing this lipstick, it makes me want to keep wearing it. This shade is available from Debenhams and is on special offer just now for £13.50 usually retails for £15

Charming (Bottom) is a lovely deep chocolatey verging on maroon shade perfect for creating a 90’s lipstick look this is available from Superdrug for £14.99. Each lipstick contains : 7.4ml plenty to last you a long long time.

All in, I would recommend these liquid lipsticks, I have done reviews on other liquid lipstick brands if you are looking for some more options, you can find these all on my blog, just search for Sleek makeup and Pixi Makeup.

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These items were sent to me Complimentary from the Balm eu

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