Beauty Sponges Tried and Tested

Makeup has come a long way over the decades from the silver screen to it being part of our daily routine. The only difference now is we tend to apply more and more of it than we used to and with the massive influence from social media getting that flawless, almost airbrushed every day makeup look has become a global obsession.

For years I always applied my foundation with a makeup brush & only occasionally used a makeup sponge from boots bought in a pack of around four little white triangle shaped blocks.


But now, many of us are applying thicker heavier foundations and a damp makeup sponge really does the trick giving you a lovely clean even finish without any drag marks and lines.

Sponges are also a good tool for applying a light coverage but I always find they work better with medium to full coverage foundations.

I’ve gone through lots of sponges over the years and here are a few of my favourite sponges that I have repurchased including some new ones that I’ve recently tried out.

Givenchy Matissime Velvet Beauty Blender. An intelligent, multi use sponge applicator for smooth, even coverage. The Blender’s unique double cone shape can be used damp with fluid foundations or dry with compacts. I love that it has a pointed tip making it really easy to apply makeup around your eyes and nose. It’s especially good if you’re looking to achieve a sharp contour look. The larger pointed side sits really well around the side of your nose making it effortless and comfortable to apply product. The only down side is that it’s pointed at both ends, it would be more usable if the smaller end was flat giving more of a surface area to apply to the forehead and chin area. This retails at £13 and is available from uk House of Fraser ,  Debenhams,  USA Sephora $20


Dior Backstage Blender Fluid foundation sponge, buildable coverage. Egg shaped with a beveled side, the fluid foundation sponge applicator is made of a high density, soft touch material that deposits just the right amount of product, allowing for precision application and perfectly even coverage. I prefer to use this sponge dry, it is a very dense sponge and at first it took a bit of getting used to. The large flat area makes application really fast and easy with a lovely even finish. Used wet it still applies makeup evenly and works best with full coverage foundation. It retails in the UK for £14 from House of Fraser  and in the USA $20 from Nordstrom


Beauty Blender A face perfecting makeup sponge. I love the bright colour of this sponge. It makes it so much easier to find amongst my box of sponges. Out of all the sponges this one expands the most when wet. It really is a great product and applies makeup best when wet. A good trick with this one is that it’s great at removing makeup mistakes when it’s completely dry, it acts like an eraser. Beauty Blender don’t make this claim but it’s a great little trick I use to tidy up mishaps. It retails for £17 from Beauty Bay UK and in the USA for $20 from Sephora the most expensive of them all, is it worth the £17? Well I’d say yes and no it really just depends on your own budget and how much you are happy to pay for a product.

Boots NO7 Flawless Finish Blending Sponge. This Blending Sponge gives smooth even coverage and is great for achieving a flawless airbrushed finish. It’s very similar in shape to the Dior sponge but has two flat sides rather than one. The pointier side of the sponge makes it easier to apply product around your eye and nose area. It’s a very light sponge almost verging on the same consistency as the Beauty Blender. I do really like this sponge for it’s price at £7 from Boots and for me it’s probably the best sponge in terms of value and application, the only down side is that it absorbs a lot of product, but then again most of these light weight sponges do. It blends foundation evenly even if used when dry. Also another great little sponge for contouring and much easier to achieve a sharper line than the Beauty Blender.

Primark Nudes 2pk Blender sponges I love the colour of these sponges and at £2 for two sponges they are great value for money. These blenders look really pretty, definitely a very fashionable set but that’s the best I can truly say about these sponges. I find that applying foundation be it light or full coverage, I need to work quite hard at getting a nice finish. They don’t really expand much when wet and they just don’t feel very nice. I’d say these are really only good for kids sponge painting!


Kiko Precision Makeup Blender “Soft to the touch, the sponge allows for easy and effective application. The special porous texture absorbs the ideal amount of product and releases it evenly on the skin. Precision Make up Blender applies foundation flawlessly without blotches or streaks” This is a nice little blender it’s very soft and applies foundation effortlessly. The long surface is ideal for applying and blending foundation all over your face, while the flat tipped end is ideal for around the eyes and nose, the sharp cut edge makes it a great sponge for baking. Retails UK £6.90 from Kiko

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