Profusion Makeup

It’s spring time and that brings some new makeup to play with and what better way to kick start the sunny days than with a shiny new highlighter palette from Profusion Cosmetics


An affordable 9-shade highlight palette with soft glows to bold shimmers, these pan sizes are extremely generous given that this Strobe and Glow palette only retails at $10 and £12.95 from Profusion UK , you’re definitely getting your money’s worth with this brand. These days you can’t tell a low cost highlighter from a top end one once it’s on your skin there’s no knowing how much you paid for it. I have many highlighters ranging from £1 to £45 and to be honest it’s the texture and application that makes the difference not the price. This palette comes with a brush that I feel is a bit too thick for face application and more suited to applying highlight to our body. For an instant glow I use the Morphe M310 to my higher cheek bones this just brightens and lifts your features. The shades can also be layered to customise for a glow that catches the light with every turn, it’s easy to blend and there’s a shade suitable for all skin tones.

IMG_3732e 2.jpg

Fairy Dust – In the palette this looks white but once applied it has the prettiest lilac hue.

Obsessed – A gentle golden flair with just a subtle hint of glow.

Sugar Crush – The most pigmented and softest shade in the palette, this makes a beautiful eyeshadow and inner corner pop.

Cotton Candy – Soft buttery berry shade that also looks great as an eyeshadow.

Heart Felt – This one is a very gentle and soft shade perfect if your looking for a gentle glow.

Glazed – This shade is like strobing gold leaf onto your skin a great dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold

Jolly – Hints of copper perfect for summer sun kissed skin.

3 Wishes – Deep dark bronze shade works great on top of bronzer.

Elated – This shade is one of the butteriest in the collection and transfers effortlessly onto the skin.



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