Fake Tan for Pale Skin

St Moriz Advanced Pro. Formula Insta-Grad Tanning Mouse 

The miracle of spring time brings smiles, lighter clothing and sometimes a little glow to our skin. But what if like me you need to wear sunblock and stay in the shade when it gets too hot while others are basking in the glory of the sunshine building that glowing tan. Well for a start we are lucky not to be sun worshipers as our skin just can’t handle the heat from the sun. For me being a redhead and having very pale skin is ok and I’m really happy to be pale with freckles. So when I received a sample of the St Moriz self tan to trial a few moths ago, I wasn’t sure about using it. Every time I looked at the bottle I’d say to myself I’ll try it another day and those days turned into months.

Finally today with the sun shining I thought I’d give it a go. Naturally I was worried I’d make a mess of it and end up too dark or even worse orange (eeek! I couldn’t deal with that). Thankfully I have to say I’m very very happy with the results.


The tan comes out as a light mousse and it’s so easy to apply. I used the St Moriz tan mitt with a latex glove underneath to apply mine. This is as good as it gets when it comes to self tanner. I can’t imagine finding a better product. One coat is enough for a light bronzed glow. Before applying I made sure my skin was completely dry after showering and moisturising about 30 mins is enough. I applied the product from my feet upwards in circular motions, by the time I’d reached my hands the product had already dried down and I was able to get dressed straight away. After a couple of hours the colour had developed a little darker. My resulting tan isn’t as strongly scented as I thought it would be, this product is quite neutral smelling compared to the usual strong odour that some fake tans emit.


My photos aren’t edited in any way so you can see the true transformation. I’m really happy with the results and and will definitely be using this again. I’m a complete novice when it comes to self tanning so if like me you are very pale skinned or concerned about the end result, don’t be! This product is so easy to apply, you will be glowing in an instant and be able to dress and head out for the day.

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