Dry Frizzy Hair Treatments

I’m the girl with the incredibly dry wiry hair. Unless I blow dry it with lots of products or see a hairdresser, I’m basically a ball of frizz.

Whenever I see a new product on the market to beat the frizz and add gloss to my dull hair then I’m all for giving it a go, After all, my hair must surely come out looking like the model on the box! In reality, most help to only a small degree, but even this is rare and I’m usually left disappointed with most products. So, I had come to the conclusion that nothing except perhaps diet and possibly only that very rare and illusive “right product” was going to make any difference if at all.


But then there is Leoner Greyl Paris Nourishing shampoo for long dry, thick or frizzy hair! At first you fall in love with the smell of this shampoo and then you are mesmerised by the results. It’s a non foaming shampoo and at first I think I used a little too much as I was expecting a nice bubbly lather. After a few washes using this I’ve realised to get the best results you need to be working this product well into your hair and massaging for a good few minutes to let it penetrate your hair properly before rinsing off. This will definitely make a big difference to the end result. For me it’s without a doubt the only shampoo I’ve ever used to make my long dry unruly hair feel soft healthy and look really shiny. My hair is still a little strawy but nowhere near as bad as it is when left untreated by this shampoo. I will most definitely be repurchasing!

It retails at £29.99 from Space NK Space NK and $51 from Leonor Greyl USA.

dav004_davines_momomoisturisingconditionerfordryhair780x980Momo Conditioner works both as an SOS or daily conditioning treatment for dry, stressed, static hair. The moisturising ingredients are only drawn to the areas in need meaning even extremely fine hair isn’t weighed down. It comes in a tub, has the consistency of a thick custard and performs a little miracle for dry hair. I leave this in for 20 minutes to add nourishment and help tame my frizz. It’s simply a superb product to use on even the driest, frizziest hair. After my first wash with this I knew instantly it was going to make a difference. I was able to blow dry my hair with ease and didn’t need to add any additional product to help control the frizz.

Available from Cult Beauty for £17.20 and Davines for $30.


Macadamia Deep Repair Masque  This 7 minute leave in deep conditioner has a beautiful aroma like a jar of organic boiled sweets. It’s a thick, silky, delicious, creamy treatment!! Application was effortless and it glided through my hair with ease and washed out very well without leaving any residue. My hair felt soft and my frizz eased a little giving my hair a little hint of shine. My hair felt manageable and although it does still feel a bit straw like that’s just my hair type and not a reflection on this product. I would love to try more products from the range as I feel using them combined could make a big difference to the overall outcome.

Available from All Beauty   for £12 (236 ml)


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