Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen

I’ve always preferred eyeliners over liquid eyeliners and over the years I’ve mostly  worn black. I remember when I first discovered eyeliner, I felt like my eyes had finally popped. Having very pale skin and almost transparent lashes and eyebrows, you can only imagine what a life saver eyeliner has been for me. More recently I wear less and less black eyeliner purely because I find it a bit harsh for my every day look, after all at 45 I really can’t carry off my eye makeup look from 20 years ago. I much prefer softer shades like dark brown and charcoal grey but I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone to give these super silky eyeliners from Pixi Beauty a go. IMG_0315

Having mature skin, the eye area is a lot more delicate than it used to be so using the right product that doesn’t drag makes for an easier and more flawless application.

These pencils are very pigmented super soft and best of all there are 20 shades to choose from (including Black)

I have four here that I’m going to review for you.IMG_0314

Starting with my favourite

Cobalt Blue – I’ve been using this pencil very close to my upper lash line over light cream eyeshadow. I find the subtle touch of blue makes my eyes pop especially after I’ve applied my mascara. You can also use this liner to smoke out your eyeliner look but you need to do this quickly as once its dried the product doesn’t smudge. EndlessSilkyEyePen-Swatch-OPT2-CobaltBlue-16FEB16-web_100x100


Matte Mulberry –  I wish they made this shade as an eyebrow product, it’s such a beautiful shade of brown very similar to dark muscado sugar, a really rich brown that looks great on any eye and especially looks great for a soft smoked out bronzed eye look.


Rose Glow – Not the shade you would expect given the name. It’s more of a shimmery  golden shade, this shade is extremely soft. I love how it looks applied on top of the Matte Mulberry liner, the combination will transform a beautiful smokey brown makeup look to a night time party look.


Velvet Violet – This is a very pale lilac shade and applies much lighter in colour than it appears. I’ve only swatched and tried this liner on but it’s a colour that just doesn’t really work for me, however I have found this to be a lovely liner applied onto of black liner. It’s almost like it transforms into a stunning midnight blue colour and looks absolutley beautiful on the eye


How To-Apply

Apply from inner corner of eye to outer corner in one single sweep motion. Add thickness where desired. If a smokier look is desired, blend immediately after applying as formula dries to a budge-proof finish. Replace lid after use. Do not store with cap off. Because these liners are very soft you need to apply with a gentle hand, don’t lean too heavily, just a gentle sweep is all you need to let the product work. Also, with them being super soft it’s best to place in the freezer for a few minutes prior to sharpening otherwise you will end up with a mushy mess and not a nice sharp edge.

“Waterproof, super-long-wear, no-smudge, no-budge eye liners. They glide on like seamless silk, and in a single sweep motion create a flawless, solid jewel-toned line. No retouching required all day – or night! Gentle on eyes, yet intensely coloured and super-silky. Paraben-free. Mineral oil-free. Preservative-free. Hypoallergenic”

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