The Art of Hairdressing

I never thought I would be here writing a blog on hairdressing however, after being left in tears because my hair was butchered during a very bad salon experience, I decided to find a good hairdresser to try and put things right. My hair had ended up much shorter than I had asked for andwas comfortable with and my confidence was knocked as a result.

You may be asking what the fuss is all about and thinking that it’s just hair and it will grow back, but it was a big shock when I asked for a trim and ended up with 5 inches off the length of my hair. I just wasn’t ready for this. I feel that one day I may cut my hair shorter but now isn’t the time and the decision was taken out of my hands making it all the more heartbreaking for me.

Thankfully, I found a great hairdresser at another salon Taylor Ferguson Hair who came to the rescue and put the life back into my hair. Ok, so we had to go a little shorter again to get my hair looking even and styled but the end result made my hair look longer fresher and most of all it had some shape and style to it. Taylor Ferguson hairdressers have worked a literal miracle on my hair, I can’t even see how physics could dictate this to be possible! This then got me thinking, why are some hairdressers so much better than others? Is it a passion or a job when it comes to hairdressing. For some, it’s definitely a mixture of both, most of us need to work but some are lucky enough to do a job they love and are passionate about and this is why it’s so important to find the right hairdresser for you. Cutting hair isn’t a dot to dot diagram, it’s about creating a style and a look to suit someones face, complexion, personality and hair type. It really is an art form and Taylor Ferguson clearly hold this fact in very high regard. I am amazed and delighted with what they have done for me.

This is my hair after Ian from Taylor Ferguson worked his miracle to correct and even out my locks!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of my previous cut to show you but this blog isn’t so much about the bad, it’s more to do with the positivity and change you can bring out from a bad situation.

My advice to bloggers here is, think twice about offers of free hair cuts and blow drys, especially when you are particular about your hair, it’s really not worth the heartache when it all goes wrong!


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