Romans Pizza


A new Pizzeria restaurant in Glasgow’s Merchant City.

romans pizza

The restaurant decor is deliberately robust, when you walk in you feel like you have stepped into the back corridors of the coliseum during the times of the gladiators. In fact you could be on the set of a grand movie or in the centre of Rome as the murals on the wall cunningly draw you in.



The menu is simple and just as it should be. In my opinion, a pizza shouldn’t be fussy, just simple and bursting with flavour. There are 10 pizzas to choose from, plus a couple of side orders. I love the simplicity of the menu as sometimes you can be overwhelmed by menus in restaurants making it difficult to choose what to eat.


The pizzas are all available gluten free if required. My husband who was accompanying me during my visit said that this was the best gluten free pizza he has had anywhere.

Those of you who are following a gluten free diet will know only too well the difficulties in getting a really good gluten free pizza base so this was a nice surprise.


If you are vegan and looking for a great pizza then you must come here. I’m not vegan but a friend of mine who is had the vegan option which is available with a variety of substitute meat toppings and by all accounts it was delicious. Having the choice of meats was great for her as most places she has been to do not offer as great a choice of toppings as are available at Romans and she felt well catered for as a result.


If this has tickled your taste buds and you’re looking for a lovely clean and exciting place to eat pizza or if you’re just looking for take away then Romans in the heart of
Glasgow is a great place to try.

If it’s takeaway you’re looking for, you can order via UberEats or collect in person

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