Pase Zero Liquid Eyeshadow

When a new makeup brand keep making new products that blow you away its hard not to share how amazing they are. A few months ago I wrote a Blog on the Phase Zero  eye shadows  . Since then I’ve also been using their new liquid eyeshadows that recently launched at the end of March. There are two formulas available, metal veil and coconut.


There are  seven Metal Veil and four coconuts shades to chose from and they are all beautiful and apply effortlessly on the eye.

Metal Veil  The pigment is very strong and true to colour and the consistency is very creamy and opaque in all the shades with the exception of White Rabbit. I found this shade to be too thick however after experimenting with this I found it makes for a great eyeliner if  applied with a thin eyeliner brush rather than than the application wand. And it also makes for a great highlighter. The other shades are less thick and easy to apply I do prefer these applied on there own rather than mixing them with the other shades and they work great with powder shadows in fact they work as a great pigment base for powder shadow helping the colours applied blend easily and pop more. 

Above White Rabbit, Merlot, Decadence & Fancy

Above Im wearing Valentine on my lids with White rabbit as a very thin Liner on my crease Im wearing Cocoa from the powder shadow collection. Link to the powder collection Here 

Coconuts These are coconut oil-based, the formula is more oily and has a much thinner consistency.  They apply allot lighter than the Metal veil shadows and I much prefer how these ones apply onto the skin. The only issue I have with these is you need to give them a good shake before using them as the liquid separates from the pigment. The thinner consistency makes these easier to work with and blend with other shades.  As these  shadows are liquid you need to be careful of spillage, if you tip it slightly, the product is just going to come running out and I’ve already had a few oops moments with these and spilled some all over my carpet and lost most of the product. Please don’t let this distract you from how lovely they are just be very careful and don’t let them spill! 

 Above left to right Coconuts Valentine, lucky Penny, Romance & Gilded

If you are interested in Phase Zero and the Love Me Beauty Subscription you can find out more hereAlso, if you sign up now you get the First 3 months FREE. Use Code POLLY5 For £5 off  your first order  

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