A Florence Skin Care (miracle in a bottle)


Non toxic Organic GMO and cruelty free hand made skin care, also free from synthetic fragrances+phthalates, dyes, coconut oil and shea butter, petrochemicals, GMOs, butylene and propylene glycols and other PEGs, mineral oil, nanoparticles, silicones, BHA and BHT, SLSs, sulphates, PFOA, hydroquinone, benzoyl peroxide, formaldehyde, alcohol and parabens.


A. Florence Balm-To-Milk Cleanser + Makeup Remover – This is a beautiful smooth to the touch cleanser that melts on contact when you applied to your skin. You only need a small penny sized amount to cover your face and this little pot will last a lot longer than you think. It’s an oil-based balm making it a dream to remove all makeup including waterproof and leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturised without stripping your natural barrier of it’s lipids and it won’t clog your pores or leave any oiliness. Skin is left supple, hydrated and perfectly prepared for night moisturiser. This all organic non fragranced balm is great for all skin types including very sensitive skin (which I have) The balm comes with a cute little wooden spoon. Just rub the balm between your fingers and massage onto your face then remove with a warm damp cloth. You can buy this direct from A. Florence for only £12

Benefits include:

  • Removes make up and draws out toxins from the skin
  • Won’t strip your natural skin barrier
  • Hydrates and preps skin


Hydration Booster Serum – This was my first time using a hyaluronic acid. It’s an ingredient I have thought long and hard about and did a lot of research on before deciding on the right brand and style of product to introduce into my skin care routine. With this product I find only a couple of drops is enough for me. Apply to dry skin and it will soak in immediately after which you need to then apply a good face oil followed by moisturiser (for dry skin) or you can mix it with your other favourite products and apply to your skin. I prefer to apply it straight onto my skin, that way I can feel it drying into my skin and if I need to add more I know exactly where it’s needed. This is an oil free, multi-functional serum containing Peptides, Niacinamide (vitamin B3) and Hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate, plump and brighten your skin while keeping hormonal breakouts and inflammation at bay with stabilised Vitamin C and Willow Bark extract. Hydration Booster is £14

Benefits: immediate hydration boost; brightens; promotes collagen synthesis; provides photo-protection; improves inflammation and helps clear acne comedones. A true multi-tasker



Super Serum – 24-carat gold serum. This light weight creamy consistency nourishing serum is a great morning alternative to the Hydration Booster. It soaks nicely into the skin leaving a beautiful soft hydrated and overall brighter appearance to my skin. I apply this before moisturiser or sometimes I use a face oil on top and then a makeup primer depending on what make up look I’m going for that day. It’s a great product for dry skin and the more I use this, the less coverage I need from my foundation. My skin feels nourished throughout the day and I have noticed that my foundation lasts longer now that I have been using these products consistently over the past three weeks.  The Super Serum is £10


  • Boosts skin’s natural protective and repair mechanisms against sun damage and pollution
  • Delivers lasting nutrients and moisture
  • Stimulates collagen production and cell turnover
  • Balances oil production
  • Can be used as a make-up primer
  • Does not irritate sensitive skin (essential oil free)
  • Brightens complexion
  • Leaves a healthy glow

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