Charles Worthington Grow Strong Hair Care

Stronger hair means longer hair. For ultimate strength and length, care for your scalp with this gentle but stimulating cleanser. With the unique GROWSTRONG™ complex, this blend of root activating pea sprout extract and protective nourishing proteins work together to keep the scalp in optimum condition for healthy hair growth whilst reducing breakage by 95%

Grow Strong Activating Shampoo


After only three weeks using the Grow Strong Activating Shampoo  I started to notice a difference in the way my hair behaved. I’m not sure whether it’s the shampoo, conditioner, scalp tonic or a combination of all three that has helped my hair feel and look stronger and fuller but I am delighted with the result. I have less fall out and less breakage. After I wash my hair I’m seeing less of it drain towards the plug hole and also less fall out when brushing. My hair has also grown well in this period, another very positive result. Overall, I’m very happy! So what is going on? How is this possible? Well it’s down to the root activating pea sprout extract nourishing proteins that work together to keep your scalp in good condition allowing your hair to be healthier reducing fall out and breakage.

Grow Strong Protein Conditioner


This is a lovely conditioner that rinses out nicely without leaving your hair feeling like it still has product left in. It leaves a lovely floral fragrance which lingers on your hair for a couple of days and this is down to the unique fragrance lock technology that infuses every strand with scent. Overall a great Conditioner which will soften, add moisture to and scent your hair beautifully.

 Grow Strong Scalp Tonic


Step three in the grow strong treatment is the Grow Strong Scalp Tonic I absolutely love this product. It’s great for sensitive skin and so lightweight you won’t even realise you have this on your scalp. This watery liquid won’t make your hair feel heavy or greasy.  Apply after washing and conditioning to towel dried hair, use the nozzle to apply over the roots. An application tip is to imagine your hair is split into 5 sections with a line running from your face to the back of your scalp, this is how I apply the product section by section from the front of my head to the back and then massage the tonic into my scalp and comb through.


Thank you for reading guys! Love Polly!

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