Freshly Cosmetics

Have you heard of Freshly? It’s also a new brand to me and now one of my new body care favourites.

Detox Revitalising Scrub


I’ve been using this for a good few weeks now but not every day because I find exfoliating on a daily basis to be too harsh for my skin. That said, the little Raspberry pips that it contains aren’t actually rough at all and won’t scratch or irritate you even if you have sensitive skin like mine. One of the things I love about this product is that it comes packaged in a convenient recyclable squeeze tube making it easy to decant while you are in the shower. The scrub is made with raspberry and bamboo powder, this helps improve skin texture making your body feel soft and fresh. It also contains avocado and jojoba oil to hydrate the skin. To apply, just rub over your body, wait 30 seconds and rinse. The revitalising Japanese cherry blossom scent will leave your body feeling calm and restored however I don’t use it on my face because scrubs tend to irritate my sensitive facial skin but this of course may not be the case for everyone. The scrub is vegan, paraben, sulphate, silicone and petroleum free. It’s definitely worth checking out the Freshly brand here for more details and other products.

Detox Revitalising Body Scrub


At first I thought this was going to leave my skin smelling of coffee but thankfully there is no hint of coffee scent in this Detox Firming Body Cream  just the pleasant scent of fruity blackcurrant, papaya, peach, sweet orange and lemon essential oils that make you want to smile and relax. The cream claims to smooth and firm skin with the aid of caffeine, ginger, gotu kala, coffee bean extract wheat germ oil and after first use you will probably want to start using this every day because the smell is just so invigorating. It’s a thick cream and you need to massage it in, it takes a couple of minutes but it’s definitely worth it and of course a gentle massage is also great for circulation. The cream leaves your skin hydrated and feeling soft and smooth. I’ve waited until I’ve finished this tube of firming cream before posting this blog. In total, I’ve had a good two months use from this product but you may find it lasts longer as I used mine almost every day. As for the firming aspect, I didn’t notice that it made a great difference but my skin definitely felt softer and smoother and for me that’s a result worth talking about.

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