Olaplex & Dizziak Dry Hair Saviours

Living with dry frizzy hair can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare, It’s always tuggy and difficult to manage especially in the morning. It’s can be like the knitting fairies have come and knitted your hair into a birds nest while you sleep! The other problem with dry hair is the lack of shine and bounce.
For years I’ve tried and tested products and even natural remedies like egg yolk, avocado, yoghurt, vinegar and oils and although some of these remedies do help, they can be messy and time consuming to prepare and washing them off takes ages.

When it comes to off the shelf remedies there are many to choose from. Some work better than others and there are many out there that work really well at helping your hair feel soft and tangle free and others that help with shine and elasticity. Finally I’ve found my dream combination to help tackle my frizzy ginger hair. Olaplex for shine and Dizziak for nourishment.

Olaplex Number 3 Hair Perfector

Olaplex is designed to treat damaged coloured hair that’s dull and coarse due to bonds of the hair breaking down from exposure to harsh chemicals during bleaching and colouring processes. The Olaplex works by reconnecting broken bonds in the hair caused by chemical exposure and also excessive heat styling and eliminates breakage whilst helping colour last much longer. For hair that isn’t coloured or over styled, this product is still a little miracle in a bottle. I leave this in for about 30 minutes, you can leave it in longer but I’ve tried this and I don’t find it makes much difference. It adds the most incredible shine to your hair but I felt my hair was still a bit dry. After a little experimenting I found that applying a really good conditioning treatment made a huge difference to how it reacted on my hair to the point that whenever I touched my hair, it felt like I was running my fingers through someone else’s luscious glossy hair. It was a strange feeling at first going from having dry tuggy hair to having soft glossy hair that I could run my fingers through without it feeling rough and of course I’m really happy with the results!

Dizziak Deep Conditioner

Dizziak deep conditioner. This treatment has been designed for extremely dry hair and is a little miracle for replenishing moisture back into my hair. It smells amazing has no harsh chemicals and is enriched with quinoa protein and babassu, coconut and argan oils. Using this on it’s own after shampooing is enough to bring moisture back into dry dull hair but applying it straight after the Olaplex treatment makes an incredible difference to the look and texture of your hair. It’s like your hair is transformed from dry straw to soft silk making it easier to manage your hair till the next wash


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