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Supplements are a good way to add some extra nutrients and minerals into your diet but are not intended to replace a well balanced diet.

In our modern 24/7 world we tend to reach for convenience but those ready meals and takeaways are never going to give you the balance you need. This is why more and more of us are suffering with chronic health issues and fatigue. This however doesn’t only come as a result of bad nutrition, lifestyle and stress also have their part to play and the significance of this will become clear as you read on.

We just don’t really look after ourselves properly in this modern age at all.

I’m a firm believer in “you are what you eat”. A nutritious balanced diet is essential for optimum health but how easily is this attained alongside the pressures of daily life?

Sadly, with the way that farming is these days and the burden that farmland has been under, soil just doesn’t have the same natural nutrient content our plant foods need to produce fruit and vegetables that are high enough in vitamin and minerals to be comparable with how they once were, even if they are organically cultivated in some cases.

This has been driven by quantitive farming due to mass production pressure born from consumerism and population growth. Our supermarkets are full of what I call “edible substances” which don’t actually hit the mark in terms of what they are supposed to give to your body, we are just eating decoy foods that look the part but deliver poor nutrition.

Then there is meat, the environmental impact from mass meat farming and the whole debate about whether we should be eating it in the first place. We need protein and although this can be found in many other foods like eggs and pulses like lentils and chickpeas, in my opinion, we still need some meat (including small amounts of red meat) in our diet as it is an excellent source of protein but also of other things like iron. The key is to eat less but better quality meat. Regardless of this, millions of people still miss out on essential dietary intake due to time pressures.

This is where supplements come in. These are not a food replacement but can really help your body get the extra boost it needs.

For my hair, nails and skin, collagen is key. Collagen can be found in bone broths which are an excellent source of easily assimilated collagen. Take chicken soup for instance, made by gently simmering chicken bones to release nutrients, it contains good quantities of collagen the perfect protein for lining your stomach and bowel and it is highly anti-inflammatory providing a great means of lowering overall inflammation in your body.

Your bowel lining is only one cell thick, yes you heard that right, one cell! Think about how easily damaged it is and with every bit of damage caused by oxidative and inflammatory foods, this renders you at risk of toxins passing through your bowel lining, into your blood stream and into your vital organs including your liver and the largest organ your dermis or in other words your skin. Collagen rich bone broths help to line your bowel and prevent this. Increasing scientific study and evidence also suggests that the condition of your bowel affects your liver which is known in many cultures as your “mood organ” and the bowel itself is subject to the old wisdom saying of your “gut” feeling which implicates mood, emotion and overall well being.

But what if you don’t have time to make bone broths? In my experience these are extremely time consuming, each batch generally taking over 24 hours to prepare properly to a point that full nutrient extraction is achieved. How do you boost your collagen intake but fit this into your busy schedule at the same time? The best answer I have found to this by far is Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen+.

Ingenious Beauty  Ultimate Collagen +




Ingenious Beauty collagen tablets a great source of protein that has really helped my hair skin and nails.

I’ve really noticed my hair has grown a lot quicker since taking these supplements. My nails are also stronger and my skin feels a lot softer. Although I do take care of myself and always moisturise and try to wash my hair with a good shampoo, I can seriously see and feel a difference in the overall glow I seem to have.

I can only put this is down to all the nutritional benefits found in these award winning supplements. They contain three natural ingredients, marine collagen peptide, Hyaluronan Complex  and Astaxanthin.

Not only are these proteins good for your skin, hair and nails, they also have many other benefits that help your internal organs and your eyes. If you’re looking for a good collagen supplement then Ingenious Beauty  Ultimate Collagen + is one of the best not only for it’s finely tuned optimised ingredients, but also because the capsule is designed to travel through your stomach and is targeted to slowly release directly into your small intestine (small bowel) where your body actually does all of it’s nutrient absorption into the blood stream. This means that all the goodness is absorbed into your blood without the risk of it being destroyed in the stomach by the harsh acid found there.

It is recommended that you take 1-3 tablets per day on an empty stomach for peak absorption either just before bed or first thing in the morning. I took one per day and I feel it was enough for me to notice a difference in the appearance of my skin and my hair where I can visibly see a growth spurt. I am intending to increase this slowly and look forward to seeing further improvement.


Taking everything into account, in my opinion particularly in how important collagen is in lining the bowel and the potential in repairing this essential barrier to toxins resulting in better mood and general well being as well as the more immediate results in skin, nail and hair condition, for me the question is not can I afford to take this supplement but can I afford not to!

Noticeably improve the structure, integrity and appearance of your skin, hair and nails. Ingenious Beauty’s scientifically advanced enteric approach is proven to achieve a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles by up to 26% within just 10-20 days.
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