Glasglow Girls Club

Imagine a place where girls can get together and empower one another, build strength and courage and share hope and kindness with each other.

Laura Maginess founder of the Glasglow Girls Club has created just that!

Glasglow Girls Club is a place where women of Glasgow can network and socialise in the knowledge that they will be supported and encouraged and will make friends and learn from one another. Laura organises many events from networking and party nights to events where successful businesswomen come to share their journey with you and help guide you in business and life in general including mentoring through traumatic circumstances. Everyone gets a chance to be heard and share their stories and Glasglow Girls Club also supports local charities through this process. A “Strictly Members Only” club is launching soon, click Here to sign up

One of the events I attended was the Glow Party held at 29 Private Members Club . The event was hosted on the terrace under a beautiful marquee of soft pink lights and sparkling illuminated balloons from Thrill Events 

Food and drinks were supplied by Lambrini Food and Drink and cupcakes were from The Kerrigan Cake Cub



There wasn’t a dull moment during the entire night. We were all entertained with palm reading from Madrepalmistry  (the queue to see this lady was incredible I don’t think she stoped for breath all night) and we had glitter face painting from Glitter Kiss who’s glitter touch is incredible! Click here to see some of Glitter Kiss’s amazing work.

For those of us looking for a little relaxation, we had back and neck massages from Massage & Glow two amazing mobile therapists who come to your house and your parties or office to bring in the deep massage we all need from time to time. I had a quick 5 minute session and felt absolutely great after this especially after the therapist managed to relax all the little tension knots on my shoulders. Entertaining us with his bingo calling and singing was Edward Reid Glasgow’s funniest and most highly entertaining singer. Our photographer on the night was the very talented Amanda, I’ve met her at a few events before and she always delivers a great shot. She is a genuinely warm and talented lady, you just need to look at her page to see some of the amazing images she has captured. And let’s not forget the amazingly talented DJ Elisha who played the best music throughout the evening


The entire night was amazing! Our host Laura’s interview with Sandra Vaughan founder of Fake Bake was inspiring, witty and entertaining she certainly made us laugh throughout the interview telling us about how she discovered Fake Bake whilst on holiday in California and how that turned in to the empire she runs today.



The Fake Bake Team

Vic, Roxanne, Karla & Laura

The Fake Bake girls are the most beautiful and friendly team you will ever come across. Vic the team’s head of business development, social media and celebrity management is the funniest, kindest and most hard working lady I’ve ever met! She doesn’t ever stop and is always smiling and laughing. She makes you feel so welcome and at ease. Roxanne and the rest of the girls are every bit as friendly and always on the ball!


Some of the Guests


My Table


Katie  Dóra  Gemma  Rona  Heather Gemma



Goodie Bag


Gifts from Fake Bake, Glasgow Girls Day out, Scream and pout, One4events and Warrior Spin studio

Some photos are my own and some are from the Glasglow Girls Club’s Instagram page
Thanks for reading guys please follow for updates on upcoming posts

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