Toro Coffee

There was a time when a coffee shop was just savouries, sweets and tea usually made with water from a hot kettle or if you were lucky from a good coffee machine and un-lovingly put together.

Thankfully in Glasgow we now have a variety of amazing coffee shops popping up serving coffees with attitude, kick and most of all care! There are many Baristas who make their coffees with pride and skill so much so that some have become perfectionists in their art.

toro coffee

The other day I popped into Toro Coffee on Pollokshaws Road on the southside of Glasgow, a nice warm welcome space to come by for a little coffee and comfort.

The best coffee that ever happened to me 


Above I had a flat white coffee this was made to perfection served in a nice sized cup, not too big and not too small. The coffee was amazing just the right temperature and smooth to the taste.

Toro Coffee is a coffee shop for everyone who loves coffee, cake and comfort. They have a lovely selection of pastries and cakes. Unfortunately on my visit the cake lady had been on holiday so they only had pastries available. I guess now I have the perfect excuse to pop back in for another coffee and a slice of cake!

Little Extras

Brown Sugar is served in a cute little Kilner style jar but trust me this coffee doesn’t need any sugar the strength and smoothness of this coffee is naturally sweet enough without adding anything into it. You will even get a nice cool jug of water served with your coffee which is a thoughtful touch.

Comfort and Style


Toro is a very clean and open coffee shop split into 3 sections. There is window seating and a wooden bar area for anyone who loves gazing out the window. The front side area is great for chilling out with coffee and friends. At the back it’s perfect for studying and catching up with emails etc.

Toro is a a lovely friendly place to just come and drink coffee, eat cake and just chill out without the heavy hustle bustle and impersonal corporate style coffees of high street coffee chains.

 Toro Coffee. You Shouldn’t Miss It! 

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