Ayumi Naturals

A Sandalwood range of skincare perfectly balanced for normal to sensitive skin.

Its not often you come across a cruelty free and vegan skin care range that is easily accessible and not over priced.

Ayumi Naturals is one of those brands who have not only perfected a beautiful vegan skincare range but have managed to perfect a gentle skincare range  that  is gentle on the skin.

The scent alone of these products is enough to make you feel like you are bathing in a luxurious spa.

IMG_1721_Facetune_16-05-2019-16-06-23The Body wash lavers up into a gentle lather leaving your skin clean fresh and feeling soft.

IMG_1722_Facetune_16-05-2019-16-06-45The body moisturiser is lovely its creamy and absorbs beautifully into the skin. Use this combined with the body wash for silky soft skin that will leave you smelling  absolutely beautiful

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