Two Birds Cold Blend Coffee



Ive Always enjoyed an ice cold coffee in the summer but never did I think it was something someone would turn into a little bottle of vitamin enriched tastiness.

if you are looking for a boost a kick or just a tickle of caffeine with added benefits!!  I think the Two Birds Fitness  gang may have just perfected the ideal recipe.


This little bottle of coffee just might be the wonder cold blend the world has been waiting for with the added goodness of echinacea,  ginger, turmeric and a few other vitamins to give you that well needed little boost.

You don’t  need to be fitnesses crazy lazy or savvy to enjoy this it’s absolutely an all rounder for anyone who likes a cold coffee and looking for a little boost of vitamins.

What I  really like about this cold blend coffee is the thinking behind the drink. The brothers who developed this drink are both fitness instructors who understand how the body works and performs from the inside to out. They don’t make any claims to have developed a drink that will help you become slim trim and have the perfect body and mind, nor would they develop something that would claim to be a food supplement because nothing can ever help you achieve these things except the food you put in and the lifestyle and fitness journey you live. So most importantly how does it taste! its a very delicate tasting cold blend with a distinctive punch of caffeine and a tingle of sweetness from the delicious agave nectar all the ingredients are delicately balanced together for a delightful refreshing drink of power


This is a cold blend coffee developed and produced in Scotland by two great minds that understand the right blend of vitamins that aid in immune function and anti-inflammatory benefits in their unique blend of cold blend coffee.

The cold blend is enriched with ethically sourced Brazilian Fazenda Pantano Coffee Beans, Locally roasted in Glasgow by Dear Green Coffee Roasters.

Best served chilled over Ice

you will find two birds coffee blend in most independent coffee shops in Glasgow and surrounding area


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