A Gift From An Insta Friend

Instagram is a place where I share my daily skin care routines a place where I share my makeup and skincare preferences its even stretched to what Im wearing and eating.

Instagram has changed  over the years for me as its no longer just a place to share products I love using it has now become a place I go to to catch up with my Insta friends. Insta friends are fun its a bit like having a pen pal. Ive connected with many people from my instagram and I can happily say I have made some lovely friends from our shared interests from all around the world sharing similar interests and advice on products and places to visit, eat and shops to visit.

Some friends from insta I’ve met and formed great lasting bonds with some I share good bonds with on this mighty little app that most of us have on our phones.

This brings me to my the title of this post. Over the years Ive sent a few gifts and also received a few gifts from some of my insta friends so I thought I would write a little blog post on this.

Last week Raakhit sent me a lovely surprise box of goodies

Thayers Facial Toner


Ive been wanting to try this toner for a long long time and when Raakhit offered to send me a bottle I couldn’t resist. She kindly offered me a choice between the original or the Lavender Toner  I picked Lavender. Its gentle alcohol free so its  great for sensitive skin. The Witch Hazel works to smooth your skin helping it look radiant and healthy.

Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Lip Bath


you can literally smell the plumping before you put it to your lips. This is the shade Refresh Rose a delicate clear shade perfect for that glossy nude look lip. You can wear it on top of lipstick but I like to use a lip pencil then apply the gloss with my finger to blend the shade of the lip pencil into my lips for a touch of colour.

Dr. Jart+ Cheek & Eye Lift


Advanced Korean skin care technology, Dr. Jart+ face masks are known for their incredCheek & Eye Lift features innovative gravity-defying hydrogel patches lift and smooth the delicate skin around the cheek and eye area in as little as 30 minutes.

Tweaked By Nature


Tribal chocolate Cleansing hair treatment. This smells incredible its like warm vanilla chocolate you apply this to dry hair before you wash it ensuring you apply it evenly throughout the ends of your hair sparingly.

Sephora Green Tea Sleeping mask


A litlle pot of  Green Gel  that feels cooling and refreshing on your skin. Its more suited to oily and skin  prone to blemishes.


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