Koja Beauty The experts IN Korean Skincare and Fashion


Have you tried Korean Skincare yet?

My favourite place to shop is  Koja Beauty An amazing Korean store that sells only Cruelty free korean skincare fashion and Crafts. thisgirllikes2shop

You can Purchase online or at their pop up stores in London and Glasgow

(Both Branches temporally closed during the COVID 19 Virus outbreak however online shopping is still available)

 The Plant Base Mielrose Petal Essence

mielrose petal essence

A beautiful pure rose extract mist infused with honey and nutrients from the fresh rose petals. This is a beautiful hydrating mist,  you can feel the lasting hydration and secret glow on your skin from the first mist. Apply over freshly cleansed skin. You will immediately feel the freshness of this mist apply under skincare or makeup. I prefer to spray this on on my no makeup days as it gives me a lovely hydrating glow.

Skin Lab Dr.Colour Effect Red Serum


This feels amazing on your skin. Imagine a veil of liquid softness and hydration being gently applied onto your face. The only other product on the market I can truly compare this too is the estee lauder Night time recover serum and this is a fraction of the cost. I like to apply a rich moisturiser after applying this at night. *(GIFTED)

Bonajour Green Tea Water Bomb


A lovely Vegan gel moisturiser its perfect for dry to normal skin types including sensitive and combination skin. I knew immediately after using this it was the perfect quick absorbing skin care I needed for my morning skin care routine. Its light weight and  absorbes immediately into the skin leaving your skin feeling hydrated and ready for Makeup.

Skin Lab Dr Vit Clinic Fre C Sun Lotion


Nice to see some vitamin C in a sunscreen product. I have to admit I’ve not always applied a sunscreen to my face as often as I should be doing. So having this one that glides on my skin without leaving a heavy white residue is encouraging me to wear it daily now. This sun lotion absorbes beautiful into your skin and is generously packed with vitamin C and skin care ingredients to help moisturise your skin while protecting it from the Sun. Apply daily even if its cloudy outside you will be surprised by how much UV light gets through the clouds. *(GIFTED)

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