Scottish Fine Soaps

Scottish Fine Soaps

A family run business nestled below the Ochil Hills in Stirlingshire Scotland. A Family run business who have been loving crafting and blending fines ingredients for 4 generations to bring you their own unique blends of unique Scottish and world wide fragrances to make you feel and smell amazing.

Here are a couple of my family’s favourite products and scents

   Sea Kelp Marine Spa Collection

The Sea Kelp collection is one of my favourites its a very calming yet invigorating costal scent contains natural ingredients and one of the more popular scents from the brand. You will find this in some of Scotlands most beautiful country spas

All products *Gifted
I wasn’t asked to review these products but chose to review as I really liked them 

Sea Kelp Bath & Shower Oil

Mineral Body Cream

The Bath & Shower Oil is a beautiful oil versatile in so many ways. Made with natural ingredients. Add to a warm bath, relax & breath in the beautiful sweet aroma unique only to Scottish fine soaps. I also like to apply this to wet skin as soon as I’ve come out the shower before drying my skin this helps lock in moisture. I then apply  the Nourishing Body Cream  this is embodied  with the same beautiful costal scent. Enriched with sweet almond oil, shea butter and jojoba oil which work together to lock in moisture and nourish the skin leaving it rehydrated and refreshed. Another great way to use this body oil and Cream is to add a couple of drops of the body oil to a large blob of the nourishing body cream and rub into your skin daily for a lovely refreshing and healthy appearance to your skin making it look and feel hydrated.


Mineral Bath Salts

sea kelp
Mineral Bath Soak

These days we are all more conscious of our well being and having a soak in the bath with some bath salts has become a popular way to relax. Bath salts help to remove toxins from our bodies they can also remove good elements such as iron so its best not to lie in a salt bath for too long. I love the  Sea Kelp Marine Spa Mineral Salts it brings an element of the Mediterranean to your bath with the Natural mineral enriched dead sea salts infused with their unique costal scent. Lie back relax and gently breath in the gentle aroma for about 10 -15 minutes. Make sure to drink a glass of water after your soak.
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