Korean Face Masks (where to buy)

With a huge rise in Korean skincare sales in the UK, the question arises, where are the best places to shop and how will you know what products to choose?

In this blog I’m going to be sharing three dedicated Korean skincare stores where I buy my sheet masks with you. I’ve chosen these independent stores because they are all very helpful and have a great knowledge of the products they sell.

I think it’s really important to shop with trusted retailers who specialise in their products and want to help people understand how each product works.

Koja Beauty


  Koja Beauty I discovered and instantly loved K-Beauty when Brita (the founder of Koja beauty) opened a pop-up shop in Glasgow. I was immediately drawn to her wall of face masks but unsure what to choose until Brita offered some helpful advice to pick the best face masks for my skin concerns. The “Keep Cool” face masks are among my favourites and are ideal for all skin types. The Smooth Mask (turquoise) helps to calm irritation and contains aloe extracts to soothe facial skin. The Shine Mask (pink) contains pearl extracts and a little bit of vitamin C to brighten up and even out the skin tone.

Koja Beauty only stock ethical Korean skincare brands as a result of Brita’s efforts to find the best K-Beauty that is safe and cruelty-free.



Tonic15 are another great Korean product specialist who sell a great variety of face masks. My favourite mask from Tonic 15 is the “Huxley Secret of the Sahara” sheet mask which contains prickly pear seed oil and cactus extract to help replenish moisture and boost your natural glow.
You will find a variety of masks on the Tonic 15 website and if you’re unsure which is the right one to buy they will be happy to help in identifying the best product for you.

Skin Library


Skin Library are another fantastic K-Beauty retailer with some of the juiciest face masks to choose from. I was recently gifted these mask and after trying the Abib Mild Acidic pH face masks I knew I wanted to try some more. This mask line helps to balance the skin’s pH to make sure that there is no irritation to the skin. Each sheet mask contains 30ml of goodness! It is specially made with Albam (Albumin + Bamboo) to tighten the skin and improve skin elasticity. The Hearleaf is perfect for sensitive skin as it soothes and moisturises.

The Skin Library website is really helpful and they have a dedicated 10 step page to help you with your K-Beauty routine. They also have a generous reward scheme.

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