Josh Wood Colour

Add a Little Kick of Vibrance colour to your hair with the new Josh Wood semi permanent Coloured Glosses

Copper Gold

There are four shades to chose from in the new semi permanent Glosses.

I used the Copper Gold Gloss, this shade is designed to revive red hair with a rich copper hue. Ideal for adding golden tones and the ultimate gloss finish to light brown hair, plus highlights and balayage. If used on light blonde hair will create a peachy blonde. Im a natural redhead and over the years my vibrant ginger tone has slowly faded. The Gloss is very nourishing and didn’t make my hair feel dry or feel like straw. My hair felt silky soft and shiny exactly what i was looking for.

These Josh Woods Glosses are perfect for adding a touch of shine and colour to your hair without being permanent. The colour results will vary according to your hair colour.

The other colours in the range are

Cherry Gloss Ideal for Brunettes looking to add a touch of cherry red. On blond hair it will add a touch of Fuchsia

Rose Brunette Designed for to add a rose tone to brunettes. Not designed to use on blond hair

Berry Brunette Designed to add a deep burgundy tone to brunettes Not designed to use on blond hair

Results may vary depending on your hair colour.

These Glosses are not designed to cover grey. Colour results vary according to your base shade.
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