Syrene Skin Care

New Zealand skincare brand syrene has recently launched in the uk. In this blog post I’m reviewing some of the smaller sample sized products available to buy as a travel set.

Founders Jo Gilberd & Karen Yang have designed a beautiful skincare range that is cruelty free and 100% natural.

The Syrene range is very calming and tranquil. Made in New Zealand.

“Syrene is dedicated to creating nutrient-rich skincare, combining science and natural ingredients that feed the skin”

Exclusively available in the UK from Harvey Nichols

Aquagel Oil To Foam Cleanser

This lovely Oil to foam cleanser will remove daily dirt and grime from your face in one step. If you wear heavy makeup its best to cleanse twice with this cleanser or remove makeup first with a dedicated makeup remover.

The cleanser leaves your skin feeling refreshed clean and has an incredible slight hint of mint sent to it.

The cleanser comes in a handy pump dispenser, I prefer products that come packaged like this as I find it less messy and easier to apply just the right amount of product.

The oil formula transforms into a gentle foam when activated with water. I like to apply this to damp skin and then once massaged through wet your hands and massage gently onto your skin. This cleanser doesn’t strip skin’s moisture. Once cleansed you can apply the Aqua Toner

Aquagel Refreshing Toner

This toner is unlike any toner I’ve ever used. It’s a gel formula with an incredible refreshing scent that makes you think of a cool summer breeze. The toner is best used after cleansing and before applying skincare, this helps remove any soap or cleansing lotion residue on your skin to give a fresh clean base for skincare. It also helps improving your skin’s tone and texture, leaving it soothed, rejuvenated and balanced.

Aqua Light Moisture Gel Lotion

I lovely light refreshing Gel moisturiser its fast absorbing and ideal for all skin types. You can use this day or night I like to use it a night alongside the intense cream or in the morning before applying my makeup as it sets the skin with a lovely refreshed hydrated glow making it the ideal moisturiser and primer. Its also an ideal day time cream as it has ingredients that help protect your skin from environmental factors throughout the day.

Aqua Intense Cream

This luxurious night cream works great alongside the Aqua Gel lotion apply either on its own after cleansing or pply on top of the Gel Moisturiser for added nourishment. This luxurious cream will give you the skin confidence we all deserve. It softens, moisturises and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while leaving you with a natural glow. Use daily for best results.

Aqua Restore Eye Essence

This is a very lightweight eye gel that wont make your eyes feel heavy. I found it very refreshing and cooling under my eyes and definitely gave me an instant soft radiance. You only need a vey small amount to help brighten and make the skin around your eyes feel refreshed. The eye gel will also help reduce the appearance of puffiness, leaving eyes refreshed.

Items reviewed on this blog were gifted by the brand via a PR company.

I used the products daily for 2 weeks before writing this review
Thanks for reading guys please follow for updates on upcoming posts

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