In a few months I turn 48 and I realise the days are getting closer and closer to reaching menopause. It doesn’t scare me and it’s not something Im worried bout. when looking on line and talking to woman who have gone through or who are going through the change I only ever heard about the suffering symptoms and the struggle to embrace the changes.

I don’t know yet how its going to affect me, my mind my body my spirit my entire being. Recently I’ve been thinking about the day it will happen and how will it affect me but I realise it just doesn’t hit you in a day its a gradual change. A change I want to embrace and go through with ease when I start to notice the little signs I want to be able to embrace them.

This brings me to Mpowder and the reason I chose to try this product. It’s designed for woman who are at different stages of the menopause despite showing or not showing obvious symptoms.

The menopause changes how much estrogen women have in their bodies, it can lead to health problems such as an increased risk of osteoporosis, heart disease and stroke. If we can take a little more care of our mind and feed our bodies with the right nutrients to stave off these issues we may have the potential to help our bodies be stronger and more resilient.

Founder of MPowder Rebekah Brown has developed a three stage product supplement for woman, each product is designed for a different stage of menopause depending on what stage you are at then determines what nutrients our bodies need

Mpowder Bio stage one

Designed to nourish you through the menopause. Naturally

I’ll be trying this over the next few months and will come back with an updated blog post on my journey taking the supplement.

Stage 1 is deigned for woman who are peri menopausal. Its estimated most woman will start undergoing this stage from age 43 sometimes earlier. Symptoms vary from unexplained wight gain, bloating, difficulty sleeping, fatigue even changes to our nails hair and skin.

Although I am not feeling any noticeable symptoms I’m pretty sure at 47 my body is slowly going through the change as I can definitely say I have some unexplained weight gain mainly noticeable around my waste line and bloating is a big irritant for me.

The Mpowder is packed with the right nutrients our bodies need during this stage.

Ingredients include Moldavian Dragonhead an ancient herb that helps to improve skin moisture elasticity and density. other ingredients include iron, folic acid, B vitamins vitamin E,C and D amongst a few more nutritional ingredients

The product comes in powder form making ideal for adding to smoothies, cereals and yogurts. You can also mix it with water. I find it dissolves much better in room temperature water over water straight from the fridge. The taste reminds me a little bit like Spirulina a green super food. But this is only noticeable when I’ve tried it in water. I much prefer to mix it into breakfast smoothies and cereals.

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