Hotel Chocolat Biscuits

Biscuits of the gods

There are two sizes to chose from in this biscuit collection eight or eighteen. Both sizes come individually wrapped in a beautiful embossed keep sake tin

These biscuits take their name from the cacao plant Theobroma cacao , translation ‘food of the gods’.

There are four different biscuits to choose from in the collection.

Milk Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Hazelnut or Mint Chocolate.

These lovely biscuits are made with a thick middle layer of soft fondant generously covered in lovely signature hotel chocolat chocolate.

Mint Chocolate is my favourite this is the darkest chocolate biscuit in the collection its a very rich biscuit, one is definitely enough at any one time. The mint is a lovely balance not overpowering and goes perfectly with a lovely cup of coffee.

Hazelnut is another dark chocolate in this collection not quite as rich as the mint chocolate biscuit. It’s still a rich tasting biscuit with a good nutty flavour. This one reminded me a bit of a Hazelnut latte from starbucks.

Milk chocolate,. Yum who doesn’t love a nice milk chocolate biscuit? This isn’t your usual milk chocolate biscuit its a more of a rich milk chocolate rather than a milky one. Goes great with a nice hot cup of tea.

Caramel, this is a lovely milky milk chocolate biscuit and I think everyone will love this one. It’s the only one in the collection I could eat more than one of at a time.

Although you may find these biscuits are a little high in price compared to most biscuit tins. They will save you on calories as they are extremely indulgent and filling you wont feel the need to eat the entire tin in one sitting.

These biscuits will make a lovely gift for friend a neighbour or a work colleague even as a treat to yourself after all a lovely tin of biscuits will put a smile on everyones face.
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