Hotel Chocolat Biscuits

Biscuits of the Gods

There are eight individually wrapped biscuits in this beautiful embossed keepsake tin.

All made from Theobroma cacao translated as food of the gods there are four flavours to chose from.

Milk Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Hazelnut or Mint Chocolate.

These three layered chocolate biscuits are deliciously indulgent created with a lovely crunchy biscuit layered with a creme filling then topped with a thick lair of yummy chocolate.

These aren’t the kind of biscuits you can sit and eat lots of at any one time unless you’re incredibly indulgent.

My favourite is the mint chocolate biscuit its a luscious dark chocolate with just the right hint of mint not too delicate and not over powering. Goes really well with a nice fresh cup of coffee

The milk chocolate is more of a rich milk chocolate biscuit perfect with a lovely hot cup of tea or a cool glass of milk.

Salted caramel is another lovely one in the collection its more milky chocolate than the others absolutely delicious you need to try it’s a great biscuit for milk chocolate lovers

Hazelnut is another dark chocolate not as dark and rich as the mint biscuit. It was also a lovely biscuit but not one I would reach for first out of the tin.

With these biscuits it all comes down to personal taste and desire for an indulgent biscuit.

I know the price point seems a little high for eight biscuits but these are eight biscuits you will savour taste and enjoy making them that little bit better for you as you wont feel the urge to eat half the packet like some of us are guilty of now and then.

These are a great little gift to pass onto a neighbour a work colleague of a friend. And they definitely make for a lovely little treat. After all a nice tin of biscuits will put a smile on anyones face.
Thanks for reading guys please follow for updates on upcoming posts

If you do decide to try them out enjoy.

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