Bioderma Hydrabio Skincare Collection

Bioderma is a skincare range dedicated to improving skin health. The company has grown in the last 40 years since it first launched and they continue to improve and grow with new ingredients and products to improve skin health making them a company you can rely on and trust to deliver great skincare.

I wrote a previous blog on some of their body products from the Atoderm range linked here.

In this blog Im going to share their Hydrabio skincare range for sensitive dehydrated skin.

Suitable for Dry combination normal and dry skin types, Skin doesn’t have to be dry to be dehydrated or sensitive.

Hydrabio H2o Micellaire Water

This is a very light and refreshing micellaire water (a mix of oil and water) Add a few drops to a cotton pad to gently remove makeup as part of your cleaning routine. This wont dry out your skin after use, I like to do a second cleanse when removing makeup. The micellaire water will make your second cleanse much easier. If you don’t wear makeup this is still a very good product to use to help remove pollution and grime built up from the day.

Hydrabio Gel-Creme

Hydrabio Gel-crème. This delicate light moisturising gel gives immediate intense hydration to your skin, it has a very slight cool calming effect and the hydration it leaves on your skin is long lasting. This gel helps the skins own ability to retain the water it needs to be balanced and hydrated. My skin felt and looked more radiant after 3 week contuse use. It’s a vey absorbent gel and a little goes a long way. 10/10 for this product its definitely my no 1 favourite from the range.

Hydrabio Sérum

Hydrabio Sérum Gives immediate hydration helping the skin’s natural rehydration with long lasting results. It combines the AquageniumTM patent and powerful hydrating active ingredients (Hyaluronic Acid, Xylitol & Glycerin) to stimulate hydration. Serums work best before applying moisturiser as they help the moisturiser absorb into the skin more easily. This serum is very versatile as you can also use it as a makeup base before applying foundation, it will help transform a tired complexion inoto a glowing one.

Hydrabio Masque

Hydrabio Masque. This is a lovely delicate cream mask the skin just drinks it up immediately. Just like the other products in the range your skin immediately feels quenched with the hydration it needs.The creme has a vey smooth texture and doesn’t leave any residue or tackiness on the skin. I like that it comes in a stand upright squeeze tube. I prefer to use this at night time, just work a generous amount into the skin in upward motion and you will wake up with plump hydrated skin. The patented complex Aquagenium™, generates intense hydration, immediately and lastingly. It retrains the skin to activate its natural moisturising capacities by stimulating the production of aquaporins, water channels in the skin, and retain the water it needs to be balanced.

Hydrabio Crème

Hydrabio Crème A lovely thick moisturiser that easily absorbs into the skin leaving it feeling nourished hydrated and most of all looking supple and radiant. It contains vitamin E a powerful ingredient to help combat stress and early signs of aging. There is no SPF in this face creme some may say only use it at night but you can use it just as well during the day and add an SPF to your routine if you feel the need for it. I actually prefer skincare without SPF as I find it applies more easily and is more easily absorbed into the skin.


All in I’m really impressed with he entire range some of the products I used for 3 weeks solid I used the MIcellaire water for 2 weeks as I was finishing off another one when I started trying the products.

These products were gifted from a PR company on behalf of Bioderma. Like all my reviews I test all the products before I write about them and only write up a review on my blog if I liked them and if they helped with any skin concerns.
Thanks for reading guys please follow for updates on upcoming posts

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