Christmas Beauty Gadget Gift Guide 2020

I love a good beauty gadget especially ones that do exactly what they claim to do.

In this blog Ive narrowed it down to my top 5 favourite gadgets of 2020 to make it easy for you to chose the right gift or something you would like for yourself. There are many websites online you can buy from but I’ve found Current body to be the best for customer service and they even offer a 60 day money back guarantee on most gadgets.

These gadgets aren’t listed in order of favourites

*Sensilift Mini

The Sensica Sensilift Mini rejuvenates the skin from deep inside the dermal layers. Focusing two low power beams into the skin that penetrate into multiple skin layers to kick-start collagen production. With use you will notice a tighter, smoother and rejuvenated complexion. There is a Mini built-in sensor that cleverly continuously scans your skin throughout each treatment and auto-adjusts based on your skin’s temperature.

How to use Make sure your skin is clean and free from topical products. Remove any jewellery and shave/Wax/ derma plane any excessive facial hair. Apply a thin layer of Base Gel (provided with the device) to the treatment area. Turn on the device and select your desired speed and RF energy level. Finally place the treatment fingers of the device on the treatment area. Ensure full contact is made with the skin. Move the device in slow, circular motions around the area. (please follow instructions provided carefully) This device is currently on special offer on Current Body.


This is the device I use to instantly smooth away fine lines around my eye. Ive been using this now for almost 7 months ( I use this twice a week) It also works great around the lip area. If you’re looking for a device that will instantly smooth away fine lines and wrinkles then this Nuface handbag sized microcurrent device from nuface does exactly that. It works best when used with the Fix line smoothing serum. Results are instant use for 3 minutes massaging in circular motions around the desired area for an instant wrinkle and fine line reduction, the device has a set timer and will switch off after three minutes so you don’t need to worry about keeping an eye on the time. This item and the serum are available from Current Body.

*Clarisonic Mia Smart

I use the Clarisonic Mia Smart every evening when cleansing its the most incredible cleansing device on the market. Sadly the company have stopped producing this machine but if you are quick you can pick this up for almost half price on current body. Please don’t let that they no longer produce this device put you off getting one. I’ts an incredible device for removing grime from your face. The gentle brush heads wont scratch your skin. They are gentle and get deep into your pores to remove makeup sweat and grime that cleansing alone wont do. The heads are removable and you can buy individual attachments making this a very versatile multi tasking device. There are a few different brush heads to chose from to meet your skin care needs. They also have a foundation brush attachment eye massager and facial massager the facial massager feels great on your face and helps to stimulate blood flow, I like to use the massager after applying my skincare.

NuFACE Trinity

The Nuface was the first beauty device that started my curiosity and love for beauty gadgets. I first discovered this on instagram from a fellow beauty blogger Fiona I was amazed at the difference in her skin within only a few weeks of using the device. There are two devices available the Nuface Mini and the Nuface Trinity. I went for the trinity as your able to add other attachments to it. When used regularly and properly this device will improve your facial contour and your face will feel and look more toned. The device uses micro current its pain free & non invasive. You will need to use a gel with this product for it to work and the best one is the Nuface hydrating leave on primer gel. I’ve tied other gels like aloe vera and ultrasound gel but they just don’t have the same effect and actually make using the nuface difficult to use.

The Attachments

These can only be used with the Nuface trinity. Wrinkle reducer a little led light attachment that uses the combination of amber, red and infrared light to target light treatment deep in the skin the attachment reaches the lower levels of the dermis where anti-wrinkle creams don’t reach. It is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and tackles deep wrinkles too. I don’t really use this attachment much because it takes allot of dedication and time to use. If you have the time then this is a wonderful attachment that you will start to see the benefits from if used regularly. personally I would much prefer one of the red light therapy masks available from current body.

Ele Head this two prong attachment wand delivers a gentle micro current stimulation to tone and firm the skin around the eyes and mouth. The sensors in the trinity will emit a bleep to prompt you when to move to the next area on your face I always allow two beeps for each section around my eyes and lip area. For how to guides follow the link here to my instagram and follow my highlights named Nuface.

*PMD Clean Pro & Silver

I previously wrote about this on my beauty gift guide to read follow the linke here.

I wanted to include this device in this blog as there is a Pro and Silver version available. The one I reviewed is battery powered but the pro and silver come with a storage case and charging device. both are available on special offer at Current Body.

Items marked with * are Gifted
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