GoBo Glycolic acid Deodorant

Finally a deodorant with a difference, its not the roll on thats new its the product!

This new to market Glycolic acid detox deodorant will make a difference in the way you chose a deodorant.

This all natural product really works and no sooner than you try it you will be telling all your friends abut how good it really is.

There are four scents in the collection

Original, (Unscented), Rose, Orange Blossom & Jamin

In this blog I am reviewing Original, Rose and Jasmin

Before I talk about the different scents. let’s understand the difference between Deodorant and antiperspirants. Antiperspirants contain aluminium this helps to prevent you from sweating. Deodorants, on the other hand, work to mask or neutralise the smell of body odor.

There have been recent concerns that aluminum could contribute to cancer or Alzheimer’s disease, although experts say there is no evidence to prove this. If this concerns you then GoBo natural skin friendly Deodorant that also takes care of your skin. Its the perfect switch from Antiperspirant. After all we are meant to sweat to help maintain body temperature and also detox the body.



The Rose GoBO is my favourite scent its very gentle and the roll on passes just the right amount of product on your under arm area. It isn’t sticky or gloopy and it doesn’t leave your under arm feeling wet as it instantly drys into the skin. The deodorants contain glycolic acid to kill bacteria deep in the epidermis and gently exfoliate the top layer of skin, removing dead skin cells. Its like a daily pamper to your under arms, something traditional deodorants dont do.


Perfectly the same as the my favourite one Rose except its odourless. Ive used this one a couple of times and it applies ever so softly and smoothly under your arms.


If you love the smell of Jasmin then you will love this one. The scent Is more powerful than the Rose. As with the other scents, it contains Glycolic acid to kill bacteria under your arms and also helps with pigmentation and ingrown hairs.

There is also the Orange Blossom Im not sure how this one smells but it contains all the same natural ingredients.

I can only find the products available on Amazon

These products were gifted to me under no obligation to review.
As with all gifted products I only review products I like
Thanks for reading guys please follow for updates on upcoming posts

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