Skin Geek Hydra Gel Masks

Extremely Hydrating Gel Face Masks from Skin Geek

Gel mask have now become my first choice when it comes to choosing a face mask. They are super hydrating and very comfortable to wear on the face without the worry of them falling off.

I recently discovered the Skin Geek face mask just before Christmas and was amazed at how lovely the products are.

These gel masks are not like your usual sheet masks as they come in two halves making them much more adaptable for different face shapes enabling the prefect fit no matter the size of your face.

Soaked in hydration you will need a saucer to catch the super hydrating drips when you remove the product, this is a good thing as the product is so generously loaded with hydrating ingredients you wont want to waste a drop.

There are two products in the range Hydrating Gel mask and Hydrating Gel eye mask

The masks smell lovely and incredibly comfortable on the skin. Affordable easy to use. Travel friendly and hygienic the gel like texture will leave your skin feeling super hydrated refreshed and soft to the touch.

These items were gifted from a PR Company
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