Lady showbiz Skincare

Affordable Luxury Skincare from Lady Showbiz

Lady Showbiz is a well established brand with over 30 years experience in the beauty industry. They recently launched a line of skincare late last year 2020 creating natural cruelty free vegan friendly skincare for all skin concerns and ages. The company are environmentally conscious and donate 20% profits to charities who help improve the lives of people and animals in the UK and around the world.

In this blog Im testing three of products from the range Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser

Grapefruit Cleanser

An incredible fresh delicate scent hits all your senses to make you smile when you use this Grapefruit Cleanser. I’ts light weight refreshing and non irritating on the skin. My skin is a bit sensitive and this was a pleasure to use. It removes every day grime without stripping your skins natural oils. With heavy make up I recommend cleansing twice to ensure all traces of make up is removed. With heavy waterproof mascara its also best to use a dedicated eye makeup remover first as you need an oil base to help break down waterproof mascara and very heavy eye makeup. This cleanser will leave your skin feeling soft clean and ready for the next step in your skincare routine day or night.

Rose Toner

Rose is one of my favourite skin care ingredients, its luxurious and has many skincare benefits. The content of rose in this product is perfectly balanced in this aloe toner and it smells absolutely beautiful .

Toner is your next step after cleansing as it helps to remove excess cleansing product oils and impurities leaving a clean complexion ready for skin care. The toner is rich in Vitamin C, to help brighten and tone the skin and the added orange essential oil. This fresh clean delicate toner is ideal for all skin types.

How to use; Spray onto a cotton pad then gently wipe over your face avoiding your eyes, you can spray this directly onto your skin if you prefer, but not recommended as you need to avoid your eye area. Ensure you close your eyes if you do spray directly try avoiding spraying near your eyes then wipe off with a cotton pad. This will endure you get the best results form the product.

Vitamin Ace Moisturiser

This lovely grapefruit and Ylang Ylang scented rich in anti-oxidants moisturiser is bursting with hydration and really leaves the skin feeling soft and rejuvenated. It contains AHA fruit acid Vitamins A, C and E that help brighten, hydrate and help reduce the appearance of fine lines on the skin. use daily for a couple of weeks and you will really see the difference. I have used this only in a night time routine and I’ve woken up with hydrated plum skin.

There are more products in the range linked here The products are lovely and they smell incredible without being overpowering. This is an affordable cruelty free vegan friendly brand.

These products were gifted to me by a PR Company representing the brand
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