Maiiro Skincare

Maiiro organic skincare is a signature blend of five food grade seaweed its a gentle skincare brand dedicated to helping all skin types look and feel better.

The brand uses only sustainable harvesting methods to collect the seaweed they use in their products ensuring the delicate ecological balance of the ocean is respected and preserved for future generations.

Maiiro’s certified Organic Soap

To me this is real soap theres nothing fancy or complicated about it. It is simply the most non fussy hand and body soap ive used for a long time. It has a very low lather that leaves your body feeling soft and clean. Its generously packed with Tea Tree and Lemon essential oils , organic Tamanu and Jojoba Oils extracts, organic Goji Berry and Fenugreek Extracts alongside their signature five-seaweed formula, Kelpogen5™ to keep all skin especially sensitive skin calm and conditioned.


Packed full of nourishing seaweed Kelpogen5™ Olive and plum fruit oils including hydrating shea butter and caster oil to help protect and hydrate your lips, it also contains natural antibacterial oils and butters such as Tea Tree a naturally antibacterial ingredient . The balm isn’t fussy it has no taste but does leave a delicate hydrating sheen over your lips its suitable for all ages and also makes a good base for applying lipsticks especially liquid lipsticks that can be very drying on the lips.

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